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Additional BackBet Game for Titan Poker Software

The popular Titan Poker has now been optimized for the benefits of the players. There are new features added to the software including the side game in revolutionary card outcomes. This leading online poker room, Titan Poker, added new features number and the virtual tables including the one that enhances poker experience.

This innovative game is called BackBet. Its purpose is for the Titan Poker tables where it allows the players to choose from the number of prop bet options.

This is where prediction for the outcome of cards to be deal happens. It could either be in subsequent hand. Then, the odds will also be presented for the bets on which are cards, color and suit will appear in the community card. Including to this also is for the next pocket card. The players will wage for their fund account that does not affect their action or balance at the poker table. There is real money Texas Hold’em type games offered in the BackBet. It will also be designated specially at each table in the Titan Poker software.

Including to the upgrade of Titan Poker client operation, there is tournament timebanks, chat messages, and stake filters that are optimized. These innovations made the game even more exciting. This is how the Titan Poker welcomed new and old players to have fun. There is also the Quick Deposit button added at the tables so that player accounts can easily access through it. Aside from that, there is replay button video tool for the history, keyboard support buttons, and re-buy options for the tournaments. Sign up now and get a huge bonus use Titan Poker Bonus Code.

Should you play Poker Tournaments or Cash Games

Poker TournamentsOne of the age-old questions in poker will always be, ‘should I play cash-games or tournaments?’ While there is no easy answer for this question, one answer, the notion that they don’t differ all that much and you can therefore learn both, is potentially harmful. While it’s true that an experienced poker player can jump back and forth between tournaments and cash games, new or struggling players are far better off focusing on just one of these games.

In this article I will take a look at how these two formats differ, and which strategies and player types compliment both tournaments and cash games –which will help you decide which of these two formats is better suited to your individual style of play, or just has more appeal for you than the other..

Poker Tournaments

Playing tournament poker requires a strong, diverse, knowledge base. A tournament player must be proficient playing under a number of different circumstances to excel, since conditions are constantly changing in tournaments. Solid tournament players are adept at each phase of the game, and rely on their lesser skilled brethren to be deficient during certain periods of the tournament; whether it’s the beginning stages, bubble play, or when the tournament becomes short-handed. –In this way tournament players are very similar to mixed-game specialists who simply cannot have a glaring hole in their game.

Additionally, tournaments require a larger bankroll, and some serious mental toughness, since players can have extremely long cold-spells in between big scores. BUT, when a player does make a big tournament score, it’s a big number –tournaments are the “Hare” in the Tortoise and the Hare race.

Poker Cash-games

Unlike tournament players who need to be well-rounded, cash-game players are able to excel at a particular game or format, so instead of being able to seamlessly transition between very different stages of a tournament, and hoping that  their opponents are not as malleable, cash-game players seek out lesser skilled opponents and use their long-term edge to make their money.

Since a cash-game player can re-buy at any point, and is never “eliminated” from the game, the situation that a cash-game player faces on hand number 1 of his session, is just as important as hand number 1,000 (provided the stacks at the table haven’t changed drastically).

Both groups (titan poker tournament players and cash-game players) feel that their chosen path is the more skillful than the other groups, and the point will likely be argued for decades to come. What can be agreed upon is that tournaments and cash-games both require a tremendous amount of skill in order for a player to be successful, but both also require a different skill set than the other –although some core principles will obviously be the same.

Vault into Poker Stardom with Titan Double Challenge

double challengePlayers of Titan Poker can be a big star and win in double thrill. Yes, this is double the fun in one tournament where players can win at least $1,000 cash every day. There are exactly two tournaments to run in one day which will just be focused on one game. The first tournament will be at exactly 21:35 of the server time while the second tournament is at 21:40 GMT+1. The players can still prepare and learn the ways to collect the progressive jackpot.

This is double the challenge because the prizes money is more than just the regular ones. You can go after the prize jackpot yourself as you buy-in today. The buy-in to the two tournaments will just be $1 + $1 each. The way of Titan Poker to get the prize jackpot collection is through saving aside the amount of $0.50 of every $1 worth of registration fee. This is why the game will have a progressive jackpot prize. If you also wanted to see how the game will be made, you can see the special offers in the software.

For the game rule, the series of tournaments will be given in one single day and it will be called Double Challenge tournaments. There should be 20 players around to play so that it will start. In the event that the prize package will not be awarded, then it will add up to the progressive jackpot until one wins it. If there is one player who wins in the two tournaments, he wins the entire jackpot.

Enjoy the Summer Heat with Titan Pokers Summer Jackpots

enjoythesummerheatwithtitanpokerssummerjackpotsSummer just got hotter with the return of Summer jackpots III. The event will run from the month of July through August with two races every Tuesday and Sundays each week.

Players need to accumulate as many points as they can at any given cash table and win their share of the prize pool if they place on the leaderboard!

Each race comprises of three leaderboards based on the following blind levels:

Micro Stakes Leaderboard:

Blinds 0.02/0.04 up to 0.05/0.1, Prize pool $250.

Low Stakes Leaderboard:

Blinds 0.1/0.2 up to 0.5/1, Prize pool $750.

Medium / High Stakes Leaderboard:

Blinds 1/2 and up, Prize pool $1,500.

The prize pool will range from $250 up to $1,500!

So if you think you have what it takes to win this year’s Summer Heat III, register now at Titan Poker today! Download the software, beat the competition, and enjoy amazing cash prizes! Don’t forget about the generous sign up bonus. Open an account, get the bonus code and you are well on your way to enjoy a 200% up to $2000 bonus plus an Instant $25 free bonus.

APT Asian Series Manila 2011

apt manila 2011Titan Poker is giving away an APT Asian Series prize package worth $3,600 which includes a seat at the 2011 Main Event to be held in Manila on August 20-23.

Super satellites are staged every Saturday at 20:00 GMT+1 to give Titan Poker players a chance to qualify for this high-profile live poker event and enjoy a luxurious vacation at the Resorts World Manila, which is hosting this year’s APT Asian Series from August 17 to August 23.

Super satellites for the APT Asian Series Manila will run until August 5, 2011. Buy-in is $130 + $10, freeze-out.

The $3,600 Titan Poker APT Asian Series prize package includes:

  • $1,200 buy-in to the Main Event (August 20-23)
  • $700 for 5 nights accommodation at the Maxims Tower Hotel (August 19- 24)
  • $40 for handling fees
  • $1,660 for flights and spending

Titan Poker Steps tournaments

Titan Poker Steps Tournaments

Step your way to the top and win a free seat at the Titan Poker $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament!

Steps is a 7-level tournament that allows players to climb up the ladder to get a chance to win the whopping $200,000 prize while earning buy-in tokens and cash rewards along the way.

Take a small step to a big payout

titanpokerstepstournamentPlaying in Steps tournaments gives you the opportunity to win a variety of buy-in tokens for the next level, another tournament on the same level, a lower level tournament, or other Titan Poker scheduled tournaments.

You don’t even have to start at Step 1. Players can buy in directly to any Steps Tournament at any level.

Mechanics of the Steps Tournaments

Enter a Step 1 tournament for just $0.16 and play your way to Step 7, where you can win a $215-worth buy-in token to the $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament.

Each ladder step is a 10-player Sit N Go tournament with a corresponding prize in tokens or cash reward.

If you finish first, second, third or fourth in any Steps tournament, you automatically get a token to the next level. Each token comes with a specific buy-in amount which is determined by finishing position.

To view the complete payout structure of the Steps Tournaments, visit the Titan Poker Bonus Code website today.

Day 5 Of the WSOP Is Going Strong

This 41st annual WSOP has delivered plenty of action so far, with an all-time attendance high of 63,706 entrants, as well as a total prize pool in excess of $100 million for the sixth consecutive year. As we head into Day 5 of the prestigious Main Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Titan Poker’s delegation of players continue to do us proud.

As we head into Day 5 of the prestigious Main Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Titan Poker’s delegation of players continue to do us proud. Official Team Titan member Joel Benzinou (Belgium) is still in the game with a notable $629,000K average. Joining him are three amateur players who qualified for the WSOP through Titan’s online satellite tournaments: Michael Maitre ($574,000K, France), Damien Luis ($1,736,000K, France) and Jack Ellwood $120K, UK). Romanian player Ciorteanu Virgil Marius, who qualified through Titan Poker’s World Challenge tournament, busted in 614th place at the end of Day 4 with $21,327 in winnings. The series’ star performer was undoubtedly team member Sam Trickett (UK), who finished second in the $5,000 NL Hold’em Event #17, for a prize of $505,725. Along with five other cash outs, Trickett will be taking home a grand total of $693,827. The next big event for Team Titan is the upcoming EC Poker Tour in Vienna this November.

We Invite you to take part in our ECPT satellite tournaments at Titan Poker, where you can win €5,500 prize packages to challenge Team Titan at the tables this fall. All New Players can start practicing now with Titan Poker’s Summer Jackpot promotions, which provide non-stop online tournament action from now through the end of August.

Titan Poker Million Dollar Football Giveaway

Titan Poker has just launched a contest that combines online poker with the thrill of the World Cup football matches. During the course of the 25 2010 World Cup match-ups, Titan Poker will be giving away daily prizes, as well as a $1 million dollar grand prize.

To be qualified to win, players must play in regular poker games or tournaments, which allow them to earn tokens for betting on the World Cup games.

After you earn a token, you can use it to place a bet on the outcome of that day’s World Cup game. The more correct match outcomes you choose, the sooner you will be able to start winning cash prizes, ranging from $7,500 to $75,000.

In addition, there will also be free-roll prizes that give those who guessed wrong match outcomes a chance to still win cash.

Get the Full Action from Dublin in Irish Winter Festival 2010

Back due to popular demand is the Irish Winter Festival that will be staged in October. You can have yourself a package for this event. This 2010 the tournament will set stage at the fabulous Burlington Hotel in Dublin. It will happen on October 22nd up to 25th, 2010.

You can avail the package that is worth $2,700 that will lead you to Dublin’s premier event in October.  Hooked with the challenge and see it for yourself. The package consists of the following:

-$1,500 + $150 buy-in to the Irish Winter Festival Main Event.

-$280 covering 4 nights of accommodation (October 22nd ñ October 25th, 2010) at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

-$50 for handling fees.

-$720 for flights and spending money.

You can join to the running Titan Poker Tournaments and satellites of Titan Poker and get the chance of participating in the Irish Winter Festival 2010.  To get more information about the promo you can directly visit Titan Poker to get the software. You can also scan the terms and conditions for the said promotion. Win your trip now and enjoy the excitement in the Irish Winter Festival. One of the spectacular events showcasing the ability and determination of poker players.

Titan Poker Releases New Software With New Features

Bigger, Better, Faster: The New Titan Poker Tables

Titan Poker is always enhancing the player experience with the best software on the market. They just announced the new release of version 9.6.20 this brings a whole new experience see the list below for the new features. When ready to download use titan poker bonus code below for $25 free instantly upon any new real money player account.

Version 9.6.20 of the Titan Poker tables includes:  simplified and redesigned chat box and chat bubble – back by popular demand;  sharpened and optimized graphical elements, including name tag, stack count, avatars, countdown box, chip tray, cards and dealer area; all-new player’s notes tool-tip; multiple-monitor tile and cascade functionality; in-table display of player’s point information.

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