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Top 5 Places in Weekly Titan for Total Prize of $200,000

Yesterday, there were about 1,053 starters who played the biggest tournament on Titan Poker which was scheduled on weekly tournament. There was about $210,000 in total prizes that was awarded to the players of Titan Poker. Just after there were nearly ten hours of game in the online poker, the winner of first place emerged receiving the amount of $35,802. The winner of the tournament was “ravenjetbyrne”. Then, there was another player of the game who claimed the top finishing positions during the event. It was an Irish player registered with a name of “eduardoda11”. For the total prize, he received the amount of $19,985.94 during the payout.

For the player who received the fifth place was from Germany. He was registered with a name of “MonnemaBuu”. During the game, he received a payout of $10,424.70 of total prize. He was just going into the heads-up play and another player was behind for the chip. It was noted during the game that “Sitoutpre” player maintained his lead for majority of the 30 hands of heads-up. That allows his lead during the tournament. On the final hand, the winner which was “ravenjetbyrne” held 8, 6 and flop that delivered two more eights to him. At such point, he was able to deliver all-in his other opponent despite the fact that the other players did not hit anything with the KJ.

Are you also interested to be a part of this biggest weekly tournament in Titan Poker? If your answer is yes, this is staged each week and you can see it in the main website of the Titan Poker.

New Depositors Freerolls in Titan Poker Where You Can Grab Your Share of $10,000

If you are planning to make your first deposit in Titan Poker, make sure that you will not miss the chance to be a part of the $2,500 New Depositors Freerolls. There will be a total of four tournaments that you can play so be able to sign up for your Titan Poker account through the PokerNews today. Yes, do you want to get your share in the total prize of $10,000? The task is simple. All you need to do is make your first deposit and you are already qualified for the game. Here is the process how this works.

Make your first deposit. The next thing is you will receive four tokens for free allowing you to participate at no cost with the $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll. The tournaments are exciting and you do not need to worry of your competitor’s skills as you are all newcomers in this poker game. This will be hosted twice in a month. The time schedule will be 2000 GMT (1500 EST) of Thursday night. Meaning to say, aside from the fact that it is open for all players who made their first deposit, you can be prepared for the time within the week.

Get yourself be familiar with the game rules first. That way, you can join the action in the New Depositors $2,500 Freeroll tournaments with the idea. You are ready to play once you have made your initial deposit. So, enjoy more deposits to win more cash for this tournament.

Poker Agenda for Android to Plan the Schedule of Your Tournament

If you own an Android phone, there is a free mobile application that shows for upcoming tournaments for poker. Whether you are playing poker games in PokerStars, Bet365, CentreBet, SunPoker or in Titan Poker, this application is applicable. It is even great because it functions as tournament reminders to the players because there is user calendar for the schedule of the tournament. Online players will be assisted to keep track of the favorite events most especially those that wanted to compete poker trough their smart phone with the use of TeamViewer.

Just to make it clear, this Poker Agenda is not an application that allows you to play through you mobile phone. It is still needed that you access an online poker site like the lists mentioned above. The function of this application is to keep you up with the multitude of MTT for buy-in, start time and the game type as well. Example to this may be the Omaha, Limit Hold’em, Badugi, and No Limit Hold’em. Another thing that this application can do for you is to update the user satellites for the non-cash tournaments. It was updated also during the 22nd of February to include online poker sites like the Version 1.10.

Users will love its interface along with the chases, promotions, bonuses and the rakeback too. It is just needed that the user will have Android phone. The size of this application is 182KB and there are about 10,000 individuals who have already installed for it from the initial release.

Awards at Final Titan Turbo

Do you want to know who is the player awarded as most profitable when it comes to the cash tables? In fact, this is the challenge that is posed to the players from their weekly Titan Turbo cash game races. And at the same time, this is also based during the month of February. They were ranked according to the profits they earned from the tables. To someone with the biggest profit margins, he will receive for the amount of $8,000.

The players each week will also compete with the two parallel Titan Turbo races which will be based towards the stake levels. As included in the cash games, Group A have the stake of 0.05/0.10 – 0.50/1. On the other hand, the Group B included 1/2 and up of cash games. The formula where their rankings were based is according to Profit= Winnings- Bets. For the Group A winner from the race that started from February 22nd to February 25th was registered with a name of “zovkoj10”. He was a Croatian player. The top five players of the group were also listed in the main site.

For the group B race, the winner was registered with a name of “HotPhil999”. He was from United Kingdom and he claimed a total prize of $375. Just as the same from Group A, their top three finishers in the game were also displayed in the main site. To be eligible for the prizes, the players need to opt-in for the Titan Turbo.

Lord of the Grind Opens This March

There will be monthly poker grinder trials this month of March. If you are a Titan Poker player, you will surely love this opportunity of winning up to $250 as part of their monthly bonuses for this new tournament. This Lord of the Grind is an infamous poker game but is now making its way to create a name to the players of poker. If you can pass one of the challenges in the said tournament, you can then claim for the honorary seat along with your rewards to the Knight of the round poker table. If you wanted to be a part of this thrilling game, you just have to opt-in and be a part of the challenge. This will begin this 1st of March 2012 as a matter of fact.

For the monthly bonuses, up to $250 can be won by the lucky winner as part of the grinder trials. So, you see? That is all that it takes to take the honorary seat. But remember that it is not really that easy to be the Lord of the Grind Knight. If you have proven that you are really worthy as reaching the target, then you can have the chance to reap the rewards. Are you up for the challenge? Here are the terms and condition of the game. The player needs to opt-in to be eligible for the prizes. This will start at exactly on the first day of March at 00:00:00 GMT. Also, it will on the last day of March.

Reap Rewards in the Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

For poker enthusiasts out there, the Titan Poker is now giving chances that you get the $50,000 prize in their Fort Knox Jackpot Tournaments. Once you win this tournament in a row, you can win the win jackpot prize stated above. This game is a six player tournament. With $50 + $9 sit ‘n’ go, six players have to join together in the table and be able to manage the six tournaments in a game. In the event that you get to win six tournaments, you will receive not only the Fort Knox Jackpot Prize but the regular tournament winnings at the same time.

This Fort Knox Jackpot is progressive and that is the good thing about it. Meaning to say, if no one wins the prize, it will grow bigger each week until someone will claim it. There is also compensation prize included that will be finished either for first or second place in the six consecutive “Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments. In it, they will be entitled for $750 Prize for the player who can finish either first or second place in consecutive rows. Remember also that for these players who win in consecutive first or second place, he or she will have to write down to the support team of Titan Poker for the verification wherein dates and details will be provided. Then, after the consecutive winnings, the jackpot prize will be paid. You can see more of these tournaments under the Jackpot Sit N Go of the Titan Poker software.

Lord of the Grind Challenge

Win up to $250 in monthly bonuses from the Lord of The Grind promotion.

The infamous Lord of the Grind is holding his monthly poker grinder trials. Pass one of his challenges to claim your rewards and take your honorary seat as a Knight of the Round Poker Table.

Titan Poker is rolling out its Lord of the Grind promotion starting March 1, 2012. Players who generate a specific number of points from Titan Poker cash games and tournaments can qualify for a cash reward and pending bonus. There are four levels of difficulty in this challenge:

Level 1 – 30 points in 10 days = $5 cash plus $15 bonus; 30 points in 20 days = $5 cash plus $25 bonus

Level 2 – 100 points in 10 days = $5 cash plus $35 bonus; 100 points in 20 days = $10 cash plus $70 bonus

Level 3 – 250 points in 10 days = $10 cash plus $90 bonus; 250 points in 20 days = $10 cash plus $140 bonus

Level 4 – 1000 points in 10 days = $20 cash plus $180 bonus; 1000 points in 20 days = $25 cash plus $225 bonus

Players do not need to achieve their target points in consecutive days, but rather in the course of a calendar month. If you qualified for multiple levels then you will receive the highest reward.

Prizes will be issued on the first Monday of each month. Pending bonuses can be redeemed as you play on the tables and are valid for 30 days.

To take part in the challenge, you must opt-in each month on the Titan Poker website.

How to check your status

A status progress widget is available on the Titan Poker website and the poker software so you can track your achievement at the different levels.

To track your progress, click the Check Your Status button on the website or get updated through the poker software under “News and Offers”.

Once you are on the status page, log in with your username and password and you will see the following:

Monthly calendar – shows your history of points accumulation for each day
Progress table – shows your daily progress for all Lord of the Grind qualification levels
Status bar – shows points generated today, your current rank (if completed) and days left in the month

Daily point totals and achievement statuses will be updated approximately every 30 minutes in the poker client and on the website.

It is not easy to become a Lord of the Grind Knight, but the rewards are plenty. Prove that you are worthy by opting in today.

Late Registration Option in Titan Poker

The new tournament from Titan Poker called Double Challenge will start at exactly 21:35 and 21:40 GMT and this will be the schedule for every evening. The prize for this tournament is progressive so it will keep growing if no one wins in the day. But, what if the player have logged-in to the game at 21:45 GMT, he can attempt to take down of the Double Challenge tournaments on the next night since the game has just ended. There are also multi-table tournaments to welcome for the late entries to be included still in the Double Challenge. These tournaments will be available through level 4.

Once you have logged-in to the Titan Poker and in the tournament in particular, there will be small icon that you will see next to your listing. This small icon appears like a clock. The other players can still join for the tournament that is already playing. There will be “Late Reg.” and “running” status that you will see. The late registration is applicable for Titan Poker’s $50 Guaranteed R/A, $100 Guaranteed R/A, and $200 Guaranteed R/A tournaments. These are the three events with inexpensive buy-ins already. There are also special offers aside from this one.

If you are playing in the regular schedule network tournaments, the late registration option will also be added. It will be soon applicable for Beginners Freerolls, Guaranteed Prize Tournaments, VIP Tournaments, VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos, Regional Tournaments, and lastly Daily Tournaments. All of which are even Texas Hold’em No Limit if you have observed.

Try Your Luck in Flip and Go Tables

Do you love to play poker? If so, you will be surprised from the new featured Flip Sit N Go by Titan Poker. This is where you need to play for just one hand. What will eventually determine your future are the cards that you will deal in the said tournament. You can say that it is not yet your time if you have dealt for a lousy hand. Probably, you can try for the next time if your luck works. This latest type of tournament is already added in the Titan Poker software. Aside from that, there is already a selection of the tournaments from “Flip And Go”.

The great thing with this tournament is the fact that there are wide buy-in varieties. There are some that are heads-up and others cater from 4 to 10 players. But you will observe one thing in common from them all. All of the tournaments in “Flip And Go” are just played in one hand. Meaning to say, the winner eventually takes it all which is really great for a try. If you wanted to call that gambling your luck, then you may said so. However, a lot of players are already attracted in this game and if you believe that you can hit for good cards and have a good deal, then this is the tournament for you. You can already demonstrate for your good fortune in “Multi Way Flip And Go”. With as little as $0.50 + $0.0 for your budget, you can already try your luck in the tournament tables.

Go Forward for the Live Event in DeepStack Open Cannes 2012

If you love to play poker, there are satellite promotions that will be staged to the winning players. This will be in preparation for the live DeepStack Open Cannes 2012. Those who will win in the satellite promotions will get the €1,250 DeepStack Open Cannes packages. As part of which, they will include the buy-in of €500 + €50 right towards the Main Event. If you are wondering when it will be staged, it is scheduled on March 15th – 18th, 2012 at the Casino Cannes Croisette in Cannes. A lot of poker enthusiasts are looking forward for this. As such, you can expect that the best players in Europe will go together to share their passion in poker for the said tournament.

Do you also want to take part in the main event in Cannes? Well, you sure can. The steps are just easy. You need to learn more about the exciting DeepStack tournaments. Here are the prizes to be won in each of the €1,250 winner’s package: €480 for 4 nights’ accommodation in double room at the Gray d’Albion, March 15th – March 19th, 2012, €15 for handling fees, and €205 for flights and spending at the same time. For the Super Satellite schedule, it started last January 26th, 2012. However, there will still be left time for you to enjoy the game. The Last Super Satellite is scheduled on the first day of March.

The rebuys for this tournament in your 3,000 chips is €40. The same amounts for the add-on which will be for 5,000 chips. You can check the software for complete schedule of DeepStack Open Cannes 2012.

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