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Best Poker Customer Service Award

The Titan Poker yet again received the Best Poker Customer Service Award for already third year in a row. This award was determined by the readers of the gambling online magazine. As a matter of fact, this award has long been considered to be the benchmark for the industry achievement. It reflects how the gambling public thinks at large scope. The poll awards the sole award in the industry wherein the public are the ones to vote for themselves. If we will trace back the recognition that the Titan Poker receives, they also received the Best Poker Customer Service Award during the year 2006 to 2011 except for the year 2009.

It was stated in the official statement from the Titan Poker that this brings light to the ongoing commitment to ensure the best possible online poker experience for players. With the customer service agents, the management takes extra step to answer the needs of the players. So, if you wanted to also try out the games in Titan Poker, this only proves that you get extra help with their customer service agents to answer some of your questions. For the coming year, the management is looking forward to continue to work together with you. They also believe that this is one way for them to maintain their position above the other in the competition.

You can also check out more details about the award from the Gambling Online Magazine and see the reason why Titan Poker is considered as the benchmark for this award.

Ongame Network May Be Sold Out

There is really no formal announcement that was made supporting the talk about the Ongame Network that is being sold to the slot machine manufacturer Shuffle Master with the sum amount of €16 million. There were just industry rumors about it from different online poker forums. This Ongame Network is actually consisting of about 25 skins including the Bwin, BetFair, Hollywood Poker and the BetSafe to name a few. In fact, they have been on the block for the last year the reason why the owner made up for merging. It is believed by the Industry analyst that Bwin players will need to reshuffle towards the Party Poker Network even before the sale will be formalized.

As such, it would also reduce the player traffic in the Ongame Network. It was even expected that there will be a boost of traffic at the Party Poker. The Shuffle Master is just one of the other 13 applicants that are also vying to get the poker license online so that they can provide services to the Nevada residents. As of now, the Shuffle Master reaches worldwide residents with the business locations in Australia, Austria, South Africa and in Macau at the same time.

Prior to the enhancement of the unlawful internet gambling enforcement, the ongame network original purchase was €473 million during the year 2005. Right then, they have targeted the European market and have ranked sixth when it comes to player traffic by the PokerScout. Just so you will be informed too, the Entraction Network is the other applicant for the Nevada online poker license.

Beginners Races for New Poker Players to Enjoy

Each month, the Titan Poker will be giving away $3,000 for cash prize. This is because of their new introduced game called as Beginners Races. If you wanted to take part in the winnings, you can begin to pull up your chair in the poker platform and start to win the money that are intentionally set aside for the newest arrivals in the poker family. Yes, you read that right. Those who can take part in this game are poker starters so you do not have to worry if you are not yet much familiar with the game. It takes week for them to award the new players and will give out cash at the same time.

All that you have to do is play at the cash tables of Beginners Cash Races and be able to move up your rankings after you have accumulated for the raked hands. Eventually, you can begin to win your share of the amount prize intended for starters. This game will be on weekly payouts and the races will begin every Monday through Saturday.

If you wanted to win, you just have to open the software of Titan Poker and check out for the special offers. Right there, you will see the Beginners Races and Tables and then you can take a seat to play for the game. You can already generate as many raked hands as much as possible and move up with your rankings in due time. You are also allowed to view the last week results of the race.

Win the Prize Pool in Sit ‘Win’ Go Races

You can now earn more leaderboard points as you get higher position in the Sit ‘Win’ Go. If you love to play poker, Titan Poker continues to give out cash prizes that are up for grabs. You can now show your skills with the exciting game featured in the site. With you determination, you can win in the races intended for players. And what is more surprising in the game is the fact that you can accumulate leaderboard points and have the total prize money which is $16,000.

The players who will participate in the tournament have to opt-in for the month of February. Even if you have already opt-in last months of January and December, you will still need to do again for this month. As for the leaderboards, it will be split up into four competitive groups and it would have prize pool in each week for $4,000. If you will join in the Low Leaderboard, the prize pool will be about $500. For the medium leadearboard, you have about $10 – $20 Buy-ins and the prize pool of $1,000. There are also high leaderboard and double up leaderboard that you can choose for.

If you wanted to see the leardboard results of the previous game, it is also displayed in the main site of Titan Poker. Then, as part of the terms and condition of the game, the points will be updated automatically in every 30 minutes that will pass. The race will begin at 00:00 and end at 23:59 GMT.

New Races Begin Wednesdays

Today, various poker players are now eager to play in the tournament tables in Bonus Code Titan Poker because there will be an exciting set of races. It all comes in new cycle for players to enjoy more of the game. If you are enthusiasts for the cash game, there will be special promotion targeting for the sit ‘n’ go race. This is even ideal for those who love the Double Up action. The amount of prizes is now up for grabs and you can even win for it too. There will be 4-day Titan Turbo cash game races which will sure to benefit the players. The great thing with this tournament is the fact that there will be set automatic leaderboards. This is set already according to the levels at the tables and the stake.

The leaderboards will also automatically rank the players according to their profit since there is a ready formula. It was equated from winnings less the bets. Meaning to say, you get to reach higher ranking if you stand to win more profits. Each week, a total of $2,000 for the cash prizes will be awarded to the winning players. Take note that this award is still a part of the Titan Turbo.

If you are interested to play in this tournament too, you should be able to earn more leaderboard points. Remember that the basis of your winning will be divided in four competitive groups that are based on the tournament buy-ins and the combined prize  pool at the same time.

Tournament Tables Major Success

The players of Titan Poker Bonus Code yet again captured major prizes for grabs. In fact, it was considered as a day of impressive tournament successes in different tournament tables joined together by different players. There were two top positions that ended for the Wednesday $30,000 Gtd R/A tournament. Just last night, there were about 600 starters who were attracted and they were able to run the tournament for about eight and a half hours. As the game end, the player from Argentina came out to be on the top who eventually won for the home prize of $6,309.68. This player from Argentina was “AMVC16”. Then, the second player was from Spain named “chinchati27” who garnered the amount of $4,611.42 in total prize.

On the other game at the daily $25,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament, they also have major success in their tournament tables. The winner was from Canada among the other 179 starters in the game. This player named “crescendo44” win the amount of $5,939.45 for first prize. The one who garnered the third place was from the Slovak Republic registered with a name of “1982mathew”.

As for the Irish Open 2012 Super Satellite that was staged last night, the special game carried buy-in for €100+€9. Players of Titan Poker Bonus have received two packages that amounts for €4,600 in the tournament in Dublin. Not to mention that a player from Netherlands won one of the seats that was to represent for the Vienna Mega Poker Series, the iPOPs. Lastly, the complete lists of tournament results were shown in the main site.

Follow the Leader in Titan Turbo

This month of February in Titan Poker Bonus, the amount of $8,000 is on the table ready to be awarded to the cash table players out there. Ever since the beginning of the month, there are already 4 days race that will occur wherein prizes will also be awarded to the winners. If you wanted to participate in the most profitable cash games, it will be during Wednesday to Saturday for this tournament. The Titan Turbo races will run each week with two groupings. This will be based towards the stake levels and the total prize to be won by the participating players amounts to $2,000.

The equation that will be calculated according to the profit of the player is: PROFIT = WINNINGS – BETS. You can also check out for the full schedule of the Titan Turbo with their minimum of 200 raked hands which will be eligible for the prize as well. It simply takes a click to the opt-in button in their website so that the players can begin to enjoy the game.

Those that will be considered for this promotion are only the cash table players though. They are not including the heads up table. It is also a part of their rules that the race period will begin at  00:00 and end at 23:59 GMT. To be considered for this promotion, there will two stake level of groupings. So, to be eligible for the prizes, you can begin to opt-in once in the tournament and begin to check for your leaderboard ranking.

Increased Prize Pool from Super Tuesday

Every Tuesdays, it would be more exciting more than ever to join the tournament tables in Titan Poker Tournaments. This is because they have Super Tuesday that covers for the main event in the evening. Now, as much as $40,000 in cash prizes is guaranteed to be given away to the winning player. This type of tournament is actually a $100 + $9 that are staged each week. This $40,000 GP Super Tuesday starts at 20:45 GMT. The great thing about it is there are unlimited re-buys of 2,000 chips for the start. This is applicable until the first break and all players can add-on for 2,500 chips. This level will take place in about fifteen minutes.

To be able to win for a seat at the $40,000 GP Super Tuesday tournament, you can begin with the satellite tournaments that are running all throughout the week. You may be more encouraged to know that the previous prize pool amounts to $30,000. And at the beginning of the month, the increased prize pool when into effect. This even generated enthusiastic participation of different poker players out there. Some have shown their huge success in this tournament and others experience for regular cash out.

Indeed, this Super Tuesday tournament is one of the biggest guaranteed prize tournaments that are featured weekly. There are schedules that are now ready for you to see to know where you can register for participation. And with that, you get the chance to win for the $40,000 in cash prizes.

Casino Games Special Refund

In the Titan Poker software, there are now amazing casino games available for the player to enjoy. These casino games are surely enough to keep you busy while you are waiting for the real tournaments to begin. Well, it is pretty much understandable if you will hesitate to try out for these games as you are not sure whether you can afford for it. But in reality, there is no better time to play the tournaments than today. The Titan Poker Tournament is even offering you with refund of 30 percent to you casino game action.

The great thing with this competition is the fact that you can play as much as you wanted starting from Friday to Saturday. It will begin on the month of February and if you may not win, the refund could reach up to $1,000. So, what does this mean to you then? It simply represents for the 30 percent of losses that are incurred in the casino games. It will be credited to the accounts of the players on Mondays and will be transferred in real balances after that. The value will also be wagered for the bonus value which is 20 times more. Now, how will you join for the casino games? It is actually simple since you will have to opt-in to the game. This is entitled as the Casino Games 30% Special Refund.

You will directly find it in the main website of the Titan Poker and then after the opt-in, your refunds will be given if you lose while you are playing.

Double Challenge Won by Lithuanian Player

It was last Friday since the player from Ukraine named “farfarfrom” was actually close to win the double challenge tournaments. The mere fact that it attracted about 74 players makes it really ideal. Out of that number of players, it was the player from Ukraine who finished as the second place. When the second tournament started, the 76 players were drawn and just five minutes later, “farfarfrom” finished as the third place. On that same night, that player was awarded with $200 for the prize after he finished the top three places.

There was another batch of 76 players on Saturday night who started the first Double Challenge tournament. They started at exactly 21:35 GMT of the server time. As the second tournament started later, there were registered 68 players. It was “arturaso”, a player from Lithuania, who played both of the said tournaments. It took two hours for the second tournament to last while the first one was about three hours. The player from Lithuania eventually knocks out another player from Russia. At first, this Russian player started with his one on one competition wherein he have a 2-1 lead in chips. But during the final hand, the Lithuanian player formed pair of kings for the flop. That was enough to eventually beat the pocket tens of the Russian player.

The winner believes that it requires extensive grind to actually won the tournament. And so, “arturaso” claimed the winning prize of $2,234.50. He was also the 11th winning player to win the Jackpot for Double Challenge.

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