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30% Special Refund in Casino Games

If you are fan of playing poker games online, you can now advantage of the special refund towards your casino games. This is possible because the Titan Poker software offers special 30% discount towards their games. In fact, you can play as much as you can every Friday to Saturday at the month of February. The management will still refund the players if they will not win which may amount up to $1,000. It is truly amazing to grab this chance. This promotion from the management will eventually run at some periods that are stated in the main site of Titan Poker Bonus Code.

That 30% refund is represented from the losses that are incurred during each running period while they are still playing the casino games in the Titan software. It is also needed that players still have to opt-in to the game so that they will be applicable for the refund. Take note also that such action is also required to be done once a month and if the player will opt-in after the games, the special refund will be given to the next period. The refunds will also be credited to the accounts of the players during Monday.

That refund then will be valid for one month and the pending winning will eventually be expired. The winnings will be transferred to the real balances of the players after they wagered the value of 20 times bonus. So, play the casino games today to get this chance of special refund.

Belgium License was Granted to Pokerstars while some are Blacklisted

The first official poker online operator blacklist was issued yesterday by the Belgium Gaming Commission. Those that are blacklisted include the Everestpoker.be, Titanpoker.be, 888.com, and Chilipoker.com. These online poker sites will be excluded to operate in the country. In fact, the government is expecting to block the access of the people to their URL as they will now ask it from the ISP. It was stated by the Poker Fuse that the Chilipoker has been added erroneously to the blacklist since they do not even operate in Belguim as a matter of fact. This is why their CEO communicated to the pokerfuse.

On the other site, the Pokerstars.be was announced as the first website to be granted with Casino de Namur A+ license in the European country to be more particular. The Belgian Gaming Commission chairman believed that this is one way to regulate the online gambling. For example, it offers legal operation towards their gaming and it also affects the economical point of view of the gambling operators.

It was indicated that this license is a way to protect the players against illegal websites operating online poker games. As such, the Pokerstars is proud that they are included as the first fully licensed operators in the Belguim area. This statement has been claimed by the Head of Business Development. Now, they are in partnership with the Circus Group offering locally licensed product to the Belgian poker players in particular. This is their way to welcome the newly regulated markets.

Join the Race in Titan Turbo

Do you love Titan Poker Bonus and consider yourself as a winning player when it comes to cash tables? Perhaps, you are one of the people out there who wanted to earn recognition and be able to win prizes. It does not even need that you are a super poker player because even novices can take part in Titan Poker tournaments. They are welcomed to try out the thrill and see the features so that it will get the returns from its promotions. As you know, this is a part of the management to encourage more players to join their games and this merits both parties in the end.

One of the popular tournaments now in Titan poker is the Titan Turbo which will eventually take its effect tomorrow with the $8,000 in total prize. This starts in the Month of February to welcome the players such as you. This then gives you the chance to be on top of the Titan Turbo leaderboards as it generates most of the cash tables and profit. Aside from that, this gives you the chance to finish on the winner circle. You can never really expect if you will be a part of the speedy race.

At the start, it will start to run every Wednesday and Saturday and it is where players will be ranked in according to their profit. If you will be a part of this tournament, then your profits will be monitored basing to what you will earn on the cash. Join the groupings now within the week.

Mega Nottingham 2012 at the Dusk till Dawn Poker Club

Last week at Titan Poker Bonus Code, a satellite tournament series has been launched leading for the management to give away awards and seats to the winners during the Mega Poker Series. That event was held in Nottingham, England. As for the Mega Nottingham 2012, it will be staged at exactly 20:00 GMT Monday of the server time. Specifically, this will be €80+€8 for a start.

This tournament will take place particularly on March 7-11, 2012 at the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club live in Nottingham. Titan Poker Review indeed continued to give our surprises for its avid players just as this one tournament that thrills a lot of avid players so far. Those who won in the Weekly Super Satellite will receive for the prize package of €1,500. That amount covers €700 +€70 buy-in to the Main Event; €300 for 5 nights’ accommodation and breakfast for one at the Park Plaza Nottingham, March 7th – 12th, 2012; €30 for handling fees; and €400 for flights and spending.

If the player from the tournament will win, he will receive special invitation right to the Players Party on March 8th, 2012. It will occur on March 8th with the chip starting stack of 77,000. Just recently, the Titan was able to stage a satellite for the tournaments wherein they award the players the seats for the Mega Poker Series Vienna tournament. This particular even happened last week in the Vienna Montesino Casino. If you are also interested to become a star performer in this event, there is time to join for satellite as a start.

European Player of the Year is Sam Trickett

The team Titan had an amazing year this 2011 and so does Sam Trickett as one of their major poker players. This includes all their tournament wins such as from the Australia and Cannes not to mention that they gained hugely profitable cash games in Macau. This leads for Sam Trickett to receive recognition from the poker community because of the achievements that he made making Titan Poker to be on the top line for poker tournaments. During the 11th annual European Poker Awards ceremony in Paris, he won the 2011 Player of the Year award which was really amazing.

Let us take a look why Sam Trickett was awarded with such prestigious award. We compiled all his winnings and other achievements in the year of 2011. In the month of January, he was First place in the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge for AUD$1,525,000 in prize money. Then, in the $250,000 Super High, he ended as second place for the prize of AUD$1,400,000 prize. During February, he won as sixth place at the World Poker Tour (WPT) National Series Paris for a prize of €43,545.

Added to his achievement was the Two cashes at the World Series of Poker in the month of June. Not to mention that he had other winnings aside from that such as the Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em for a prize of $12,952.

In the Month of October, he won the 4th place in Event #3 €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha at the World Series of Poker Europe for a prize of €77,642. There are also more to it.

EPA Player of the Year is Sam Trickett

During the 2012 European Poker Award, it was Sam Trickett who claimed the award for Best Player of the Year. It was indeed a prestigious award to be received at the Aviation Club de France during the weekend. This winner hails from Nottinghamshire was able to make a name out of poker tournaments. In fact, in the poker industry, he was able to beat off the challenges of the host for the big names including Pius Heinz, Bertrand Grospellier and Jake Cody as well.

This poker player is sponsored by the Titan Poker VIP. And with it, he has won more than $4.5 million in live tournament. He really created a big name. Not to mention, he won the Aussie Millions High Roller tournament and the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. Now if you think it all takes live tournaments, he also made a name out from the cash games. During the awarding ceremony though, he was not able to receive it in person because he was still in Melbourne where he was competing the Aussie Millions series. At the event, it was Barry Carter who collected the award on his behalf.

There are also different names that are nominated for the position such as Andrey Pateychuk who also picked up the Rookie of the Year award. Both of these players among other participants were able to enjoy breathtaking year in the field of poker. They won millions of dollars and achieved tournament series all throughout the year. At the event, Ilari Sahamies won the Internet Player of the year.

DeepStack Open Cannes Satellites

We are just presently waiting for a month before the players of poker will start to enjoy the live poker tournament in Cannes. This game will begin by players to register for competing for the DeepStack Open Cannes Satellites. This way, they can get their way for the travel package towards the French Riviera in the Cannes. This is one of the most awaited games of most poker enthusiasts in town. Imagine, you will hit the red carpet upon playing poker while you get to enjoy the exciting poker tournament in DeepStack. But what makes this game really special aside from the fact that it is live?

This DeepStack Open (DSO) Cannes Main Event is special because it features the well known players in town. It starts from the March 15th – 18th, 2012 so meaning to say you still have plenty of time to prepare and win for the prize package to travel through the Cannes. For this series of tournament, they will stage it on Thursday night with the buy-in of €80+€8. There is also add-on and re-buys available. Then, the winners of the Super Satellites will also receive for the prize package will be amounted to as much as €1,250.

With the said prize package, it covers the flight, handling fees, accommodation to the double room hotel and other spending needed too. As for the live game in Cannes, it will begin on the 16 of March, 2012. In it, you can employ your poker strategies along with other popular players.

DeepStack Open Cannes Satellites

The poker players are excited to hit the red carpets of Cannes upon their game at the French Riviera. And all of these will happen in just over a month time that makes the poker event more thrilling. Yes, the red carpet is not about seeing beautiful starlets or having around to participate for a film festival. It is about an exciting poker tournament. A lot of poker enthusiasts are looking forward for the DeepStack Open Cannes Satellites. But what makes this tournament really special that it will be held in Cannes?

This even of DeepStack Open Cannes Satellites or the DSO is the Main Event that will happen. It will start this coming March 15th to 18th, 2012. In the Casino Cannes Croisette in Cannes, they will feature for a field that will be composed of some of the world’s best players. As such, they can either win for their DSO seats because the Titan Poker Tournaments launched for a new satellite tournament to determine who will go for live game in Cannes.

The winners of the satellite will received for a prize package. This includes the total amount in collection of a €1,250 prize package that includes the €500 + €50 buy-in to the Main Event; €480 for 4 nights’ accommodation in a double room at the Gray d’Albion, March 15th – March 19th, 2012; €15 for handling fees; and €205 for flights and spending. All winners from the Satellite will begin their game on March 16th. Now, this is one opportunity you should not miss.

Casino Reports: Titan Poker Upgraded Its Software

We cannot deny the fact that there is so much competition in the poker industry online nowadays. Avid poker players have different poker rooms to join and these poker rooms are even upgrading constantly their promotions. One of their reasons for doing this is because they wanted to attract the players. The recent one that upgraded their software was from Titan Poker Software and this serve for its benefits to the customers.

Last Monday, the management upgraded their software having new design. In fact, they have a fresh lobby and their navigation bar is more user-friendly compared to its previous layout. This becomes easier for the online poker then to perform game actions. For now, the software quickly loads and it is easy for bonus redemption process. Just as the point progresses, players can just easily see their results. All of this is because of the Titan Poker Bonus wanted nothing but ease to their players.

A lot of reactions are received by the management from the poker players. Most of the reactions that they received though are overwhelmingly positive. If you are a player of this site and you have always wanted the old view of your screen, then you can always switch back to the old mode. You can just see it through the option, lobby view and the mode area. Just as the team managed for more improvement in the site, they do not leave those who wanted the old mode of game. But as the record shows, more players are looking forward towards the said change of features soon.

Casino Games 30% Special Refund

The Casino Games 30% Special Refund is a new promotion under Bonus Titan Poker online poker site. All players and poker enthusiasts are now encouraged to take advantage of the said 30 percent discount if you will play for their casino games. It is as easy as that. This will begin during the month of February and you can already play as much as you can in every Friday to Saturday of the month. And if you win, the management will eventually refund you up to 30 percent. It could even reach for as much as $1,000.

In its terms and conditions, the refund represents a total of 30 percent of the incurred losses during the running in each of the period. Then, the players are also required for opt-in so that it can be eligible for the refunds. Take note that this is only required once for the month of February. If the player will opt-in after the Casino Games has ended, he or she will be eligible for the refund for the upcoming periods though. The bonus however will be valid for 30 days and it will be credited to the accounts of every player every Monday. The refunds of below $10 will not be issued eligible for players. It only takes $10 and up.

When players will play any casino games in Titan Poker Download right in the software, the bonuses will be displayed and that makes the game more exciting to win. There are a total of four periods for the special refund to run.

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