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Pot Limit Omaha: Beginner’s Guide Part 2 – Dealing With a Maniac

A maniac in the poker table can evoke varying responses on its occupants – several players will take pleasure in their aggressiveness, others will feel threatened making them play poorly. It may sound strange to you but a lot of poker players don’t enjoy having a maniac on their table, they are not ready to be on a war of raises heads-up against a maniac unless they have an AAxx hand. They protest having this kind of action player in their midst instead of welcoming the change.

I’ll be using the next profile of a maniac in the subsequent examples: A maniac who raises and re-raises most of the time including the first round of betting. He only wants to win it all before the flop shows that’s why he’s showing such kind of aggressiveness. Continue reading Pot Limit Omaha: Beginner’s Guide Part 2 – Dealing With a Maniac »

Finding the Most Excellent Poker Games Online

The finest thing about playing poker online is that you get to choose from dozens of poker variants all the time. Poker players have a freedom to select the best tables, joining the finest waiting list and even check out the best sites where they can play. You only need to do some research and patience to find out the best poker games online. Continue reading Finding the Most Excellent Poker Games Online »

Studying Pot Limit Omaha Poker: Thoughts in Pre-flop PLO

The first part of this series talks about the beginning hands in PLO being close to each other in conditions of value. It’s not sensible to place a large part of your pot if you don’t have a big hand to contend with. The reason for this thought is that anything may pop when the flop is turned and not all the time you’re not on the positive side of luck.

You may want to raise your bet if you think you have a better hand but it’s recommended not to place more than 10% of your stack during pre-flop. Only when you have an AAxx or KK/QQ hand that you can bet more than that. Continue reading Studying Pot Limit Omaha Poker: Thoughts in Pre-flop PLO »

Knowing Your Way in Pot Limit Omaha Part 1: A Short Description of PLO

Pot Limit Omaha is a poker variant that is slowly gaining it’s much deserve fame in the world of poker. It’s been in the poker rooms of Europe and high stakes poker games for a long time and because of the accessibility of low stakes action in the Internet PLO is becoming a house hold name.

But prior to knowing the strategies needed to win PLO you need to know the idea behind the game and how it is dissimilar to other poker games. Continue reading Knowing Your Way in Pot Limit Omaha Part 1: A Short Description of PLO »

Leaks in Poker – A Clarification

We can’t avoid making mistakes in our lives. Committing errors are inevitable – like doing something out of the conventional – but we need to learn something from all the mistakes we made and try not to make the same errors repeatedly.

Still some individuals still tend to make the same errors time after time and don’t make any efforts to find out how to avoid it. They still go out with people who brings them into trouble frequently no matter how much they promise not to do it again – they still end up being with the same companions over and over again.

Continue reading Leaks in Poker – A Clarification »

Titan Poker Double 101

Becoming skilled at Titan Poker Double is effortless for some people but many will say that it’s not simple as it may seem. Some people had the chance to know more about the Double but ignored it complete oblivious of what they’re missing. If you’re thinking about methods or strategy to win Titan Poker Double, there are a lot of them but many complete disregards this fact. They don’t know that these methods may help them to have a very profitable living in the future.

The basics on how Titan Poker Double works is as follows: You have to register for two tournaments which are 5 minutes apart from each other. These tournaments are worth $5 + $1 – $5 for the buy-in and $1 for the registration fee. And these tournaments run side by side. If you are blessed enough to make it to the finals for both tourneys then you will win a particular prize aside from the regular prize. And if you win both tournaments then it is obvious that you’ll get a better prize than big.

Continue reading Titan Poker Double 101 »

Mistakes In Poker: Entitlement

Entitlement has been long discussed by philosophers and ordinary people alike. Do you think people receive what they truly deserve? People commit the right actions expecting to be rewarded in the end. Some people do evil things aware that they can be punish for their wicked actions. In a perfect world that’s how things supposed to work. But we all know that’s how things happen.

When you give back a wallet full of money it is given that you’ll think that you might get a reward for your honesty. But oftentimes, the only thing that you’ll get is a simple thank your from the indebted owner.

Continue reading Mistakes In Poker: Entitlement »

Expertise In Poker As Shown By Top Notch Poker Players

This present year millions have proven through statistical data, thanks to Pokerstars, that a players expertise in poker matter the most in the game.

One informal kind of proof has been shown during the 2009 WSOP which told us that top players not only triumph for an event but with several ones.

Continue reading Expertise In Poker As Shown By Top Notch Poker Players »

Knowing Poker Personalities: The Calling Station

Friend or Enemy?

The calling station is one of the few familiar poker personalities you might encounter at the poker table. They are favorite opponents of good poker players because of their ability to give out their money easily without any kind of regret.

Continue reading Knowing Poker Personalities: The Calling Station »

Profiles of Poker Players : The Locksmith

Enemy or Friend?

Locksmiths are there to occupy a vacant sit in the poker table and nothing else. They are not your friend nor your enemy. They are not willing to take the risk getting involve with anybody that’s why they are like a stone cold lock. They also like to play strong hands which only means that you can only get a little profit from them. It is also most likely that you are going to fold your hand whenever they raises a bet.

Continue reading Profiles of Poker Players : The Locksmith »

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