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Understanding Poker Personalities : The Bookworm

As you play the game of poker you will encounter different kind of personalities as you go along. Here are some of the most common profiles of poker players that you might come across.

Ally or Enemy?

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Straight Flush Draw

Having a straight flush draw can bring on a lot of question on the topic of what to do. Some would say to take your free card and see if you can catch while others would say to bet it. Neither of them is right nor wrong, but there is one that is better then the other. In some cases taking a free card might be the right move while in other cases betting your draw will be the right move. It depends a lot on how good your draw is.

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Postdiction In Poker – A Common Mistake

Everybody knows about prediction associating it with famous name like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and of course fortune telling. While postdiction is not that famous. Its not use in our day to day language and I’m upset to say that even my spell check can’t identify this word. But the truth us postdiction can be found in a lot of aspects in society.

Postdiction is a condition wherein you get a situation that had already passed and place a bias analysis on it. In the world of sports this is more commonly known as the Monday Morning Quarterback which popularize the infamous lines, “How can he leave Pedro Martinez in for the 8th inning?!?!?!?!”

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Poker Faults That Hold You Back From Winning: Intolerance

Intolerance in poker doesn’t define someone who show prejudice to other players or someone who can’t stand their manner. It means how individuals think and of course being broad minded to the probability that no matter how eccentric a situation is, it has everything to do on how that certain individual play.

Numerous players experience that since they win -or play properly-that their way of thinking is the only way. Anybody who may have other opinions on how to play a hand, or a various reason for playing poker is believed a fool by the narrow-minded poker player.

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Analyzing Poker Mistakes – The Blame Game

The blame game is among the fundamental blunders made by people who are discovering the game. When players are equipped with a few underlying knowledge of the game, and become mindful of the errors they accustomed commit; as well as considering every bad bets make by their adversaries, they start to think that the only matter obstructing them is luck.

Poker mistakes like the blame game means passing up fault to anyone convenient even if they don’t deserve it. Only a few people can accept the fact that they have made their own mistakes.

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Internet Gambling Legislation and Politics

Presently, there is an ongoing discussion in congress whether to legalize, regulate or ban online gambling altogether. However, its more popularly known as a lobbyist issue. We all know that ordinary American citizens don’t give any concern on this issue because it doesn’t necessarily affect their day to day living. But there are small factions in the whole population that is concern on this issue in their own big way.

Politically, these small factions are the ones who have place our congressmen and senators in a very difficult situation. Either they have a group that wants their issues and concerns to be check in accordance to the group’s principle and view that they stand up for. Or they have a very extreme group that fund their campaigns and wanted to push what they want specifically pressuring the politicians to abide by their causes.

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How To Be A ’5 Tool” Poker Player?

Do you know that those who scouts for new talents in baseball use 5 factors in selecting their prospects? These factors are also called ‘the 5 tools’, and that’s the reason why do good all around players are commonly known as “5 tool players”. Here are the basis of this principle:

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Know Liars In Poker

Lies had been part of our lives ever since the first man existed. Some dishonest persons are so good at lying and some are so bad. A person who always lie does not make him a good liar though.

There is no common way to spot if a person is lying. Nevertheless, there is a trick that you can use to know the liars from the honest people. There are clues that you can combine with what you have observe about the person’s characteristics and game play. You can use this clue to fill up some missing places in the puzzle.

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Mold Your Mind To Think Long Term To Become A Successful Poker Player

Making decisions is vital in playing poker. Making good decisions will make you triumph and making bad decisions will make you lose. That’s how it is in poker.

Every decision you encounter has a long term EV or expected value. That would be your average win or lose in playing poker in the the long run. Here’s a definite example: If you’re playing in a limit Hold’ Em game with $10/$20 limit and you bet the best possible set on the river you may expect a +EV of $20. And if your opponent calls every time you make this decision, you’ll get a guaranteed $20 each time. At the same game, you always fold when you are on a Big Blind, this means that you have -EV of $10 and every time you make this decision you’ll lose an additional $10.

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How To Use The Check Raise To Gather Data

Some conventional poker players say that its unprofessional if you use the check-raise strategy during a poker game with your friends. But if you’re playing on a real online poker website and you’re betting real money, its entirely a different story!

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