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Payment Options Reviewed for Titan Poker

Are you confused about how to use safe and confidential options for depositing into your Titan Poker player account?

Do you want fast and secure cash outs when you are ready?

We will go over all these issues quickly and answer all your concerns right now. We have made a easy to follow review of all the options for depositing and cashing out of Titan Poker.

Below is a full list of the secure and safe methods to fund and cash out your Titan Poker Players account.

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Top 20 Best Starting Hands

Many of you already know what hands are the best and what hands suck but its always a good reminder to go over them again. If an (S) is next the the hand its means suited “both cards in the same suite”, which as you also know is better than unsuited.

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Top 10 Poker Books to Read

There are thousands of poker books out there and a lot of them are nothing but junk. Just about anyone can come out with a poker book if they really want to. Even if a writer is not qualified to write a poker book, there is nothing stopping them from doing it. Many poker players have come out with their own books. If anyone has the knowledge to write a poker book, it is a professional poker player.

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Freeroll Overview

One of the greatest kinds of poker tournaments that could ever exist is a freeroll tournament. A freeroll is a tournament that doesn’t cost any money to get into, but there is still a prize for the winner. Of course, there is not usually a lot offered to the winner, but there are still usually some pretty cool prizes. The best thing about it is that you do not have to pay any money to get into the tournament.

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How to Be a Better Tournament Poker Player Today

A lot of people are drawn to poker because of the high stakes involved. And thanks to media coverage of poker tournaments, not only are poker players earning big bucks but they’re also becoming instant celebrities.

If you’ve been playing poker online and now feel that you’re ready to take on a LIVE poker tournament, then you must read the following tips. You know what they say, poker is not just about how Lady Luck smiles on your cards; it’s also a mental game and how you put your ‘poker face’ determines to a great extent how you win in poker.
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Semi Bluffing

Semi-Bluffing is a great tool you can use in the game of poker. Semi-Bluffing is when you bet thinking that there is a slight to good chance that your opponent will fold, but even if he doesn’t you still have outs to make the best hand or you possibly also may have the best hand already.

The greatest time to semi-bluff is when you have the middle pair on the flop with a high kicker in your hand, and perhaps maybe a long-shot straight draw or runner-runner flush draw. This way you can either get your opponent to fold right away, later in the hand, or perhaps catch the nuts. You should always bet right on the flop with mid pair high kicker to either feel your opponent out or get him to fold quickly. Poker rewards the aggressive player. As always you should take into consideration the pre-flop action, and be weary of the re-raise which is what the player with the top pair will usually do (s/he will usually just call if s/he thinks s/he has a good chance to trap you into a monster).

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Beginner Mistakes

If you are a beginner at poker there is really no way to avoid making mistakes. There is actually not any way to avoid making mistakes even if you have played for thirty or more years. The only thing you can do is limit your mistakes as good as possible, and make as many right decisions as possible. The problem with being a beginner is that you cannot play without making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately no matter how many articles, websites, poker books or DVDs you look at you will still make mistakes.

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Decisions Based on Pot Size

Don’t you hate it when you’re playing against someone and you want to fold your semi-decent to worthless hand but you can’t because your opponent makes it too cheap for you to give up hope? Chances are, you should probably be folding at this point anyways, but instead of being the guy that gets suckered into giving a little bit of extra cash away every hand you should be the one doing it.

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Catch-Up Tournament Strategy

Everyone that has played in a poker tournament knows about that feeling that you get when you are way behind in the playing field. Looking around a room of players with stacks that are twenty times the size of yours is not easy to fathom. That instant feeling of desperation starts to come into play and you are just dying to make a move. The next thing you know, you end up looking down at K 3 suited and you go all-in hoping to double up with some very good luck.

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Bluffing with a Drawing Hand to Represent

What happens when you have a good poker hand after the flop, but one that isn’t necessarily made yet? This hand could ether be very lucrative for you or it could take you down a few notches. Let’s look at an infamous example.
Imagine the flop comes King / King / Queen, two of which are diamonds and you are holding the Jack of diamonds and the ten of spades. You’re first to act, which is always a tough position. You really have no clue what your opponent is holding.

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