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Value of suited connectors

The value of playing suited connectors has always fascinated me over the years. We all see the pros consistently playing suited connectors. But it always seems like they play them a little different than the average poker player. Lets take a look at the reason this is such an under rated type of hand with huge potentials if played right.

When playing suited connectors the most ideal situation for no limit texas holdem would be to have multiple players in the pot, to be able to see a flop cheaply, and know when to let them go if you miss. Continue reading Value of suited connectors »

being patient at the poker table

So many times you are either wathcing poker on tv or a live tournament game and you see a player doing so well maybe for hours or even invested 2-3 days in a tournament and then makes one quick decision to end it all that could have been avoided by being patient at the poker table.

There is a big lesson here that costs you nothing to learn. When you make quick decisions for all your chips or most of them it is mostly a decision based by emotion rather than pot odds or knowledge of the game. Continue reading being patient at the poker table »

Weak means strong tell

Many Poker players like to fool you . If you are convinced that they are week you are going to make a few extra call that are not warranted. If you are convinced they are strong when they are week you are going to let your cards go earlier that if convinced they are week. If you allow they to trick you and get you to fold strong hands. They have one. Don’t let this happen to you.

When players go out of their way to act very weak, you guess it they are most likely strong. Mike Caro asked the question would a player that truly holds a weak tell you he’s in bad shape or vise a versa. No. Don’t let them get away with tricking you. Continue reading Weak means strong tell »

3 Reasons to walk from the poker table

Many times you’ll find yourself in a poker game that’s just not producing the results you anticipated.  So how do you know when it’s time to walk?
This is a tough question that each player must ponder. But we have a couple things that we use as a reminder that “yes it’s time to go” and luck is not running in your direction.  This applies only to cash games, online poker and does not apply with any tournament play. Continue reading 3 Reasons to walk from the poker table »

When to show your cards

Your poker image is something to guard like your bankroll, your best friend, your girlfriend or even your new car. But their comes a time in every poker players game that its time too let down that image vail and show your cards.

Deception is something that you can con troll only if you allow yourself to be deceptive and practice your skills. One such skill is showing your cards. Especially if you play online. Its very easy to allow the computer just to auto fold or much your card when done with a hand. Continue reading When to show your cards »

Online Poker Tells

Many Poker tells that most us live poker players are used to now are outdated too the new online poker player list of tricks. You no longer have the ability to study your opponents body language or speech patterns.

However even though you lack these standard body language tells, you have to adapt to a new way of play that can be decoded player by player. But there are some standard online tells the you must be aware of if you are going to unlock your fellow online poker players, psychology, poker strategy and habits.

Once you have mastered the basic elements of playing poker you must move on to the art of online poker tells. Continue reading Online Poker Tells »

Raise, Call Or Fold

When playing poker there are just some situations that come up over and over again. Right off the bat you might realize that aggression at the poker table pays off big time and especially in no limit situations. But their is a scenario that we see over and over again with online poker at Titan Poker, live games and any tournament poker.

Here is the set up , you are in a no limit game with 8 poker players at the table. Your on the button and everyone has folded to the small blind who limps in. You have a an mediocre good hand with K(c) 4(s) but lets see the flop. Continue reading Raise, Call Or Fold »

Table Talk

We just don’t get it , why do so many poker players give away valuable information by talking at the poker table. Have you seen someone you know fall victim to their own subconscious by talking?

Since tells at the poker table could be worth a million bucks now with the poker wave. We are going to talk or not about gaining information and giving it away. Continue reading Table Talk »

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