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10 Outstanding Money Machines in the History of the WSOP

More than 150 poker pros have been made millionaires by the WSOP. But here’s the cream of the crop, the top 10 money making machines in the history of the WSOP are here and how they come up with their money!

1.Jamie Gold – $12,067,292
Gold win the 2006 Main Event and got the biggest prize in WSOP history worth $12,000,000. The 2006 Main Event has the biggest participant population in WSOP history, but still Gold capture the title. He also has 3 other cashes to his name bringing in about $67,000.

It is improbable that the number of participants will reach the 2006 mark in the WSOP (unless the UIGEA is repelled and poker sites from Europe can reach the US market once again), so it only means that Gold will somehow hang on to the first place for the following years. That would be the situation unless someone ended up having his even bigger finish in the Main Event.

2.Peter Eastgate – $9,152,416
Eastgate is the youngest poker player who has won the WSOP Main Event. He got hold of the second leading prize in WSOP during the 2008 Main Event. And it’s his first and only cashed in the WSOP. That’s worth something right?

It is also believe that Eastgate has a fair chance to gain the number one spot of the money winners of all time due to his young age.

3.Jerry Yang – $8,250,000
He won the 2007 Main Event and one of the players who got most from their first WSOP cash.

Many believe that this is only the time that Yang would probably get a high pay at the WSOP. This is due to his lack of poker skill as many have observed. But Yang has a very nice personality to cover up for that kind of poker glitch.

4.Joe Hachem – $7,941,823
Known as one of the best players who have triumph in the WSOP in the past few years, Hachem have cash in from 8 events in the WSOP ever since and that includes managing to reach the final table twice where he ended up in the 2nd and 4th place. He also won the WPT Five Diamond event in 2006 adding another $2 million dollars in his earnings.
The year when Hachem won the Main Event is also the year when the Australian chant was introduced to the world singing, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…Oy, Oy, Oy!!!”

5.Allen Cunningham – $6,717,791
The first non-Main Event titlist in this list would be Allen Cunningham. He is a player of poker for a long time even he’s only 32 years old because he started at young age. He already won 5 bracelets from poker events and snag at 40 cashes in the WSOP. But his biggest money score cam from his 4th place win the 2006 WSOP Main Event where he won $3 million.

Even though Allen Cunningham is not that popular in the community, he is considered as one of the best players around.

6.Greg Raymer – $6,487,512
Raymer is the first person to gain from a largely participated WSOP event. He won the 2004 Main Event wherein the participants triple from last year and taking home $5 million.

Greg already cash in about 11 events including 5 final tables with a 3rd place finished during the 2009 $40k NLHE tournament.

7.Ivan Demidov – $6,486,381
Demidov did not win any bracelets from the WSOP but he ended up finishing 2nd in the 2008 Main Event and considered as one of the promising talents in the community. He also finished 2nd in the WSOP Europe Main Event on the same year.

8.Paul Wasicka – $6,192,711
He’s popular for snagging the largest brides-main payday in poker tournaments. Wasicka is Full Tilt Poker professional who teach in the Full Tilt Poker Academy and also one of the most promising players due to his poker skills. He also has 3 cashes in the WSOP.

9.Phil Hellmuth – $6,054,988
Phil Hellmuth is one of the pompous poker brats in the history of poker and maybe it’s killing him that he only place 9th in this list. He has won 11 times in the WSOP but only receive $755,000 as his biggest paycheck.

He already has 70 plus cashes in his names in the WSOP but unfortunate for him; he has not yet obtained a big payday like the other’s here in this list. He is the grinder on the all time money makers and he can still stay at the top 10 even without a million on his list of winnings.

10.Michael Binger – $4,853,748
Michael Binger ended up in 3rd place during the 2006 Main Event and has inaudibly won 19 WSOP cashes. He is one of the unknown top notch players in the poker community.
Michael Binger has a PhD in theoretical physics but choose to be a poker player than to be a scientist because simply poker pays better that being in the lab.

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