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17 Titan Poker Players for Asian Poker Tour

Titanpoker.com is one of the largest online poker room that allows their avid players to compete to different world competitions. For the Asian Poker Tour in Macau, they are sending 17 poker players.

All the 17 players from Titan Poker were qualified in the APT out of the 257 total competing players all over the world. They have the largest number of delegates for the said tournament. Titan Poker had delegates from all over the world including players from Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Malaysia, Hongkong, and many other countries.

Simon Johansson showed the other players his strong playing skill in the first day of the tournament.  Thierry Ravassard on the other hand outlasted Doyole Brunson who made the honor of cutting the ribbon in the tournament.  Fabrice Vanhaeren also did make an action in the day 1 of the event as well as Alex Regler who was considered as a major player in day 1.  Unfortunately for the Australian player Jacob Hong Hai Chen, the tournament is not on his side and was eliminated at the first day of the tournament.

Only four Titan Poker players are left to continue to play on the second day of the tournament. Even though not all the 17 players from Titan Poker succeeded in the APT event, they all made a wonderful game as well as congratulated by everyone by playing a fair game.

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