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30% Special Refund in Casino Games

If you are fan of playing poker games online, you can now advantage of the special refund towards your casino games. This is possible because the Titan Poker software offers special 30% discount towards their games. In fact, you can play as much as you can every Friday to Saturday at the month of February. The management will still refund the players if they will not win which may amount up to $1,000. It is truly amazing to grab this chance. This promotion from the management will eventually run at some periods that are stated in the main site of Titan Poker Bonus Code.

That 30% refund is represented from the losses that are incurred during each running period while they are still playing the casino games in the Titan software. It is also needed that players still have to opt-in to the game so that they will be applicable for the refund. Take note also that such action is also required to be done once a month and if the player will opt-in after the games, the special refund will be given to the next period. The refunds will also be credited to the accounts of the players during Monday.

That refund then will be valid for one month and the pending winning will eventually be expired. The winnings will be transferred to the real balances of the players after they wagered the value of 20 times bonus. So, play the casino games today to get this chance of special refund.

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Titan Poker Bonus Code: TP2000

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