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5 Poker Players Who Had a Worse 2012 Than You

Think you had a bad year at the poker tables in 2012? Has life handed you a bushel of lemons without the common courtesy of a hand juicer to make lemonade? Well, regardless of how bad your 2012 went here is a list of poker players who more than likely had a worse 2012 than you!

#5 – Blair Hinkle

Hinkle is the lovable loser on this list, the one player who deserves our pity. Hinkle won the FTOPS XX Main Event just before Black Friday, meaning his over $1 million prize was inaccessible to the young poker pro. With the news that PokerStars had purchased FTP Hinkle was probably one of the most excited people in poker, but the lethargic remission process the US DOJ has implemented has left Hinkle entering 2013 with no idea when his money will come –even worse, Hinkle had to watch another player win the FTOPS XXI Main Event, and his prize-money was available for withdrawal that same day!

#4 – Howard Lederer

This one goes without saying, considering Lederer went from running one of the most respected companies in poker to being one of the most loathed men in the game when Full Tilt Poker went belly-up after Black Friday in 2011. Lederer’s 2012 encore wasn’t much better, topped-off by his infamous interview with PokerNews.com, The Lederer Files.

#3 – Dutch Boyd

The former leader of “The Crew” and an early poster-child for the Internet poker generation, Boyd has fallen on some hard times in recent years. How bad has it gotten for Dutch? Bad enough that he has started hocking his poker trophies on EBay, and also penned a letter on reddit describing how he was turned down for a low-level job –Dutch said he’s willing to wash dishes at this point to make some money.

#2 – Annie Duke

I’m trying to remember the last time Annie Duke had a good year in the eyes of the poker community and can’t really put my finger on it. Still, 2012 was a truly terrible year for one of the game’s most polarizing figures, as her failed pet-project, The Epic Poker League, officially went belly-up in early 2013. The failure of the EPL could be the final straw for Duke in the poker community, possibly sending her to the Island of Misfit Toys along with her brother Howard Lederer.

#1 – Erick Lindgren

Lindgren’s troubles were on full display in 2012 as the former superstar found himself not only wrapped-up in the trials of Full Tilt Poker, but also dealing with his own gambling debts –which according to a recent interview with Bluff Magazine tallied 7-figures and at one point may have been as high as 8-figures. Lindgren was called out by several players, most notably by Bob Voulgaris over Fantasy Football debts, and his reputation took an even bigger hit when Howard Lederer detailed an accidental loan given to Lindgren by FTP that saw an approved $2 million loan sent to Lindgren twice –Lindgren kept both sums for a total of $4 million.

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