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A day of 2 Tourneys for Marvin in the Final Tables

Marvin Rettenmajer, a player of Team Titan Poker, made it to the final table of Merit Cyprus Classic Tournaments. The game was stages on the same day in Cyprus however Rettenmajer was not able to win. During the $5,500 Main Event, he was doing well. In fact, it was evident that he was enjoying the game.
Marvin posted in his Facebook page that he finished the second day with 130k. He fought his way back in order to win the final table seat in which he posted in his Facebook status that he was down to 180k. Then he also fought his way back to 560k avg 450k.

However as for the next day that followed, Marvin plans did not go accordingly. He said that he did not have a good start to the tournament so that leads for a bad seat draw. According to him, the guys on the table to his left were already taking the chips from the right. In the end, he finished gaining the 6th place with a prize of $36,133 saying that he lost every hand on that. He was down for 270 and managed to get up back for 400.

That is when he then got for 1010 vs AK yet another guy folded the AK. Marvin manages to go for the game with the remaining event for $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Bounty. This is the tournament where he managed to get the 7th place and claimed the $2,803 prize which was enough right then.

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