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Are Poker Pros Easy Targets for Criminals?

With the second instance where a poker pro was apparently being targeted for a home invasion and robbery in the past year, along with a number of forum posts regarding foreign poker pros being “shaken-down” by organized crime in their home country, poker pros need to realize that we are no longer living in 1998, where the best players were still fairly anonymous out in the real world. In today’s world of social media and with information available at the click of a mouse, well-known poker players seem to be potential targets for opportunistic criminals.

This is something that I have thought a lot about since last December when Jonathan Duhamel was beaten and robbed in his home, and now after the shocking news that Theo Jorgensen was shot in the leg three-times in a similar home invasion/robbery situation, this seems to be the time to talk about the potential hazards of being somewhat famous and having some money in your pocket.

Looking in from the outside, poker players would seem to be prime targets for robberies, as most of the successful players are more or less math geeks (not every poker player is of course, and no offense to the ones that are), who are young, and as we have seen over the years they tend to be a little on the naive side. Perhaps even more of a concern is the way poker players present themselves as free-spending, socialites, walking around with rolls of cash on their person, and with millions of dollars secreted away somewhere. Even though this isn’t really the case, this is the image that many people have of successful poker players.

Whatever the truth of the matter is, poker players, even mid-limit players, do run a severe risk considering a good session is a large amount of money to the average person –and therefore the average criminal.

Professional poker players are also fairly public figures, especially after a big win, and are much like lottery winners in that some of them suddenly come into a huge sum of money without being able to first protect themselves and their family from these crimes of opportunity. There aren’t many anonymous poker players anymore thanks to Facebook and Twitter, a byproduct of the need for poker players to market themselves, which creates a bit of a double-edged sword.

So what do poker players do? Honestly I have no good answers other than taking every precaution you can. Be careful with your money, and try to keep your life as private as you can. It’s not as if poker players are doing well enough to hire private security, and aside from the very elite in the industry, the amount of money poker players amass isn’t enough to live in high-end gated communities or take themselves “off the grid” so to speak.

Hopefully these recent incidents will convince poker players to take a little more care in revealing their daily comings and goings on the Internet, and make the necessary arrangements to safeguard themselves and their families. Want the latest news and updates on poker? Check out Titan Poker news page today!

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