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Canadian Wins 1M Gold Coins Titan Treasure Hunt

Titan Poker has brought the fun back into poker with Titan Treasures. In this promotion, players who complete certain poker achievements are awarded with virtual gold coins that they can exchange for tickets to random prizes.

When you sit down at one of Titan Poker’s many cash tables or tournaments, you’re never quite sure when you’re going to be rewarded with gold coins. The best way to quickly amass a huge amount of gold coins is to play in the monthly 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt freeroll.

The 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt is staged at the end of each month and is open to all players. Buy-ins are only 50 Points and there are re-buys and an add-on available.

The September edition of the 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt took place on September 26 and drew a starting field of 1,601 players. When the final table was reached, the chipleader was “YACOPO” from Mexico and the shortest stack was that of Canadian player “zagareseh”. The balance between the two would change dramatically by the end of the tournament.

First to fall was “ivancechin” from Moldova who shoved all-in with A♠ 8♦ only to lose to a pair of fours. Next to go was Dutch player “Johanius” who held K♥ 9♥ and was happy to see a flop of Q♦ Q♥ K♦, but Argentinian player “Bochar” held 9♣ T♣ and the turn was a jack which gave him a straight.

Two hands later, Irish player “dbabrop” was eliminated in 7th place when his J♥ A♠ lost to the better kicker of “YACOPO”, who held K♥ A♦. Some 30 hands later, “Bochar” was knocked out by the pair of queens held by “JennyBrown” from the United Kingdom.

“TTR147769362″ from Latvia was eliminated in fifth place when “YACOPO”, still the chipleader, was able to pair up aces on the flop. On the very next hand, “JennyBrown” was knocked out when “hoenseven” from Denmark paired up eights on the flop.

Three-handed play found “YACOPO” slightly ahead of “zagareseh” with “hoenseven” lagging a bit behind. The Danish player fell victim to a pair of queens held by “YACOPO” and heads-up play began with “YACOPO” regaining his lead.

Five hands of heads-up were played, none of them particularly exciting. On the final hand of the tournament, “zagareseh” pushed all-in pre-flop with a pair of queens and “YACOPO” called holding J♥ T♦. No helpful cards came on the flop, turn, or river, and the tournament win went to Canadian “zagareseh”, who was rewarded with 150,000 Gold Coins for his first place finish.

Runner-up “YACOPO” received 100,000 Gold Coins, third placer “hoenseven” got 80,000 Gold Coins, fourth place “JennyBrown” won 60,000 Gold Coins, and “TTR147769362″ received 50,000 Gold Coins for finishing fifth.

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