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Club Titan Part 1– Get More for Every Hand Played at Titan Poker

Titan Poker is quite known for its year-round bonuses and special promotions but this time, it has opted to particularly reward – and reward extremely well – those who patronize its virtual poker network with its Club Titan rewards program.

What is the Club Titan Program?

The Club Titan Program is a rewards program that provides the “best benefits and the highest cash rewards for online poker players”. You see, at Titan Poker, every time you play a hand, you earn Poker Points. And now those poker points can be redeemed for special rewards.

To put it simply… Play Poker = Earn Points = Get Rewards!

How You Earn Poker Points at Titan Poker (Play Poker = Earn Points)

Each time you play poker at Titan Poker, you earn points. These points are earned at ring games and poker tournaments.

For ring games, poker points are awarded for each hand you play, regardless if you fold or not, so long as the hand is raked (i.e., a scaled commission fee taken by the Titan Poker card room).

Following is a table showing the Titan Poker Points you earn based on the rake taken per hand.

Rake Taken Per Hand

Points Awarded

$0.04 – $0.09


$0.10 – $0.24


$0.25 – $.50


$0.51 – $0.75


$0.76 – $1.00


$1.01 – $1.25


$1.26 – $1.50


$1.51 – $1.75


$1.76 – $2.00


$2.01 – $2.25


$2.26 – $2.50


$2.51 – $2.75


$2.76 – $3.00


$3.01 – $5.00


For tournaments, poker points are earned based on the fees you paid to buy-in into a tournament. However, note that in a tournament indicated as $10+$1, $1 is the amount considered as the tournament fee. For every $1 spent, you get 17 poker points.

How the Club Titan Rewards System Works (Earn Points = Get Rewards)

As you accumulate Titan Poker Points, your standing in the Club Titan program reaches new heights and so thus your rewards! See the table below for the rewards you get for poker points accumulated.

Points Earned






















So, say you have earned 80,000 Titan Poker Points so far, this means you’re entitled to a reward valued at $800.00! What do you do with that reward?

At the moment, you can redeem your rewards as cash bonuses or tournament tokens. However, Titan Poker is busy cooking up more ways you can redeem your rewards and it will soon enable you to redeem your cash rewards for merchandise you can purchase at its soon-to-open Club Titan Store.

However, do you really want to cash out your Club Titan rewards so soon? If you take a quick look at the table again, you’ll see that the rewards more than double up as you aim for the next level of points earned. (For example, the reward for 160,000 is more than double the reward for the 80,000 level.)

So, start playing poker at Titan Poker now, start earning those points, and cash in your rewards soon!

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