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Club Titan Poker Explained

Club Titan Poker


So, you’re a Titan Poker player and you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about Club Titan Poker. This might not be possible over the course of this short introductory article, but we can certainly give you enough information to get you started.

The Basic Point

The basic point of Club Titan Poker is for you to collect points that can then be used towards earning cash bonuses. However, this is modified by the fact that a) you can gain new VIP levels that give you more points and b) you can keep your points and trade them in at higher amounts in order to get a better ratio of points per dollar on the money that you get back.

Club Titan Rewards Program

VIP Levels

There are six different VIP levels available in Club Titan Poker. Everyone that plays their online poker at Titan Poker starts as a VIP Bronze member at the start of every month. Once they have collected 1000 points in a single calendar month, they graduate to VIP Silver. Collecting 5000 points in a single calendar month is good enough for VIP Gold. VIP Platinum is unlocked at 10,000 points in a single calendar month while single calendar month point totals of 17,000 and 35,000 unlock the final two levels of VIP Titanium and VIP Diamond respectively.

VIP Points Chart

The Importance of Levels

The main importance of these VIP levels is that they modify the points that you get. VIP Bronze has no modifier, but at VIP Silver you get a 20% boost to your monthly point totals. This boost is worth 40%, 60%, 100% and 120% respectively for the other four VIP levels. This means that as a VIP Titanium member you essentially earn double points. It also means that you earn more than double as a VIP Diamond member.

Trading in Points

The reason that these point boosts are so important is that point totals that are higher have better conversion rates to money. This was mentioned in an earlier paragraph. At the lowest point level, 2000 points is worth $10 for a conversion rate of 200 points to one dollar. However, at the highest rate, 7 million points is worth $120,000 at a rate of 58 points to one dollar. In between, there are many other point amounts that you can trade in for ratios between 200 and 58 depending on how many points you’d like to trade at once.

Cash In Chart

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