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Continuing to Win at Sit ‘Win’ Go

This morning, the week 4 of Sit Win Go learderboard races have kicked off with familiar names positioned on their top charts. On the medium and high leaderboards are two players contending who have captured the three week title. There is also a good chance that these players will continue with their winning streaks.

The one who is leading in the High Leaderboard race is “DarkSugar” from Switzerland. This are intended for the ranked players basing to the finishing positions with their sit ‘n’ go tournaments buyins. In each of the previous three weeks, the Swiss player won the race and he even managed to finish far ahead of his nearest competitor. In the six day race, the first prize was awarded to him that amounted to $300.

Another Russian player with a name “zaavtahor” also managed to win the first prize that amount to $200. It was the first prize in the Medium Leaderboard race during the first three weeks of Sit ‘Win’ Go. His victory was reduced greatly though during the Week 3. He finished ahead of “NzolTP” from the Ukraine only with 250 leaderboard points. The buy-ins are from $10 to $20 and it already started since its fourth week.

There were different winners though in the Low Leaderboard. Then, the players were ranked basing from their finishing position with a buy-in of $1 to $5. For those who prefer for the Double Up Sit N Go tournaments, there will be a special week race starting form the 2nd of January this 2012.

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