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Five Measures to Hasten Online Poker Legalization (Part 1)

As online poker legalization is starting to progress at the state level the process is still moving along at a slow, prodding, pace. In my view the poker world is ignoring a number of factors that could silence some of the critics, as well as offer casual poker players more protection at online poker tables. Below you will find the first two of the five measures I have chosen that will strengthen the case for online poker and hasten potential legislation.

Rake and Tax Counter

Abstract numbers drive me absolutely crazy, and there is nothing worse than the way politicians calculate everything in 10 year burst. So when people say, “online poker could raise $21 billion in revenue over a ten year period” people have pretty much tuned out by the time the person gets to “could raise”.

Instead I’d like to see some monthly earning reports showing people precisely what kind of revenue online poker would produce, and in places where online poker is legalized I’d like to see a rake counter/tax counter right at the top of the site, just like these sites show number of players online.

Imagine logging into an online poker site and seeing a running total of not only the amount of rake the site is pulling-in, but also the amount of that rake that will be going directly into state or federal coffers. Initially this feature would likely anger the players at the site (as they see how much rake is leaving the game) but in the end it’s nice to be able to quantify all of these large, abstract, numbers. It would also give us an argument for the fiscal hawks that are against online poker, as we can point to solid, set-in-stone, numbers.

Laws against Online Poker Cheaters

How nice would it be if poker players had some type of recourse against cheaters and scammers? Imagine being able to file civil or criminal charges instead of having to take your case to the 2+2 poker forum. This is one area where I have seen zero conversation and I am left scratching my head as to why this hasn’t been addressed publicly.

According to a conversation I had with the PPA’s Rich Muny, virtually all legislation contains language regarding cheating, both at a player and a provider level, but what needs to be done is educate the poker community that they will now have recourse if they are cheated. This has always been one of the main reasons people refuse to play online poker; the fear of being cheated, and having no recourse if they are. Download the latest Titan Poker software here.


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