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Full House Wins Titan Poker Facebook Freeroll Again

A total of 2,256 players competed in the $500 Facebook Freeroll last September 5, 2012. The tournament lasted just under four hours and when the two finalists were dealt cards in what would turn out to be their final hand, they both ended up hitting a full house.

“klavi84″ from Romania and “kyzia07″ from the Ukraine had almost equal chip stacks after four hands of heads-up play. The blinds were 50,000/100,000 and the ante was 10,000 when the cards were dealt Q♦ J♠ for “klavi84″ and 2♠ 6♠ for “kyzia07″.

“klavi84″ raised to 200,000 and “kyzia07″ called. The flop was dealt Q♥ 2♥ 2♦.

The Romanian had paired his high card while the Ukrainian had a set of deuces. “kyzia07″ checked and “klavi84″ bet 210,000.

“kyzia07″ re-raised to 420,000 and “klavi84″ responded by going all-in. “kyzia07″ called.

All the chips were in the middle as the turn was dealt Q♣.

This gave the Romanian his full house and left “kyzia07″ with only one out — the final two. But when the river was dealt it turned out to be 6♥. That gave the Ukrainian his own full house, deuces over sixes, but it wasn’t enough to beat the queens over deuces scored by the Romanian, who won the tournament first prize of $120. “kyzia07″ brought home $75 for placing second.

The final hand of the last Facebook freeroll was also won by a full house. On August 22, Russian player “GAUTAM12710″ hit a full house, fours over aces, to win the $1,000 Facebook Freeroll. A total of 2,211 players participated in that event.

The Facebook Freeroll is a regular tournament hosted by Titan Poker Tournament for its members on social media. Subscribe to this page to get the latest updates on Titan Poker promotions and tournaments so you can join the action and win some cool prizes.

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