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German Poker Players Continue Tournament Domination Part 1

A couple years ago I had proclaimed that the UK was usurping the US as the greatest progenitor of poker talent, but it may already be time to crown a new poker king, as another European power has seen its citizens decimating the competition at poker tournaments around the globe. Don’t get me wrong, the UK still has a vast pool of young talent to pull from, but now it’s Germany and its group of young pros that have caught my eye; an amazing development considering Texas Holdem was all but unheard of in Germany just 10 years ago.

Even during the early stages of the poker boom it would have been hard to call Germany a “Poker Hotspot”; when I was in the country from 2003-2005 it was only at the tail-end of that time-frame that the Germans caught the poker bug –even finding a game in 2003 would have been difficult, and even if you did locate a game it was likely to be Seven-Card-Stud. But once they caught the Texas Holdem bug it wasn’t long before Germany became a dominant force in the world of poker, so much so that they could very well have the best crop of young talent in the game.

Like most European countries, Germany had a few forefathers in the poker world, Eddy Scharf and Andreas Krause immediately come to mind, but there really wasn’t a poker culture in the country until late in the poker boom. German poker players did make some waves in the game during the poker boom, but it wasn’t until 2006, Season 3, that a German won an EPT event: during Season 5 three Germans won EPT events, Sandra Naujuks, Sebastian Ruthenberg, and Moritz Kranich; a feat Benny Spindler, Martin Schleich, and Martin Finger duplicated in Season 8. Germany now has a total of nine EPT victories, only the UK and US, with 13 wins each, boast more.

Even with their EPT success it wasn’t until Pius Heinz’s 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event win that the rest of the world started taking notice of the slew of talented young German players in their midst. After Heinz’s victory it seemed like the proverbial floodgates were open and a whole crop of talented young German poker players were rushing through it. It seems like major tournament after major tournament is being won by Germans over the past two years, and we could be looking at the greatest level of domination by any country in the modern poker era.

In Part 2 of this series I’ll take a look at nine of the top young German tournament poker players in poker. For more poker news visit Titan Poker Bonus Code website.


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