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Golden Handshake Prizes at Titan Poker Cash Tables

Play at any Titan Poker cash table, including the incredibly fast-paced Speed Poker tables, and if you just happen to be dealt cards on a round 25,000th hand, you’ll receive a cash prize, whether you win the hand or not.

The Golden Handshake promotion will run from October 29 to November 11. A total of $30,000 in prizes will be awarded to players at the cash tables, or one Golden Handshake prize every 30 minutes!

When playing at Titan Poker cash tables, glance at the hand identification number in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Every time the number is roundly divisible by 25,000, a Golden Handshake prize of $50 will be awarded.

You have to be dealt cards to be included in the prizes (if you’re at one of the Golden Handshake hands). So, don’t sit out. The $50 is divided into two parts. $25 is awarded to the winner of the hand, and the other $25 is divided equally among all participants in the hand.

You can win a Golden Handshake if you’re playing heads-up, and even if you’re playing at a micro-stakes table. There is no need to opt-in to be eligible for the prizes. Just sit down at a cash table and play poker.

The more you play at Titan Poker Promotions cash tables, the higher the odds that you’ll win a Golden Handshake prize!

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