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How to Beat Donkeys at Titan Poker

Back in the day, bad poker players were called fish. Now the poker fish has been replaced by the poker donkey.

Poker donkeys are gamblers – they are not afraid to make wild bets based on incorrect odds. Often they’ll hit their miracle card and go on good runs at your expense. Although poker donkeys don’t know any better, with a run so good they could be mistaken for skilled poker players.

Poker donkeys will blame the cards if they lose, not their lack of poker skill. In the long run, the mathematics of the game will leave the poker donkey on the rail while you emerge as winner. You need to recognize the donkeys on the table and adjust your play accordingly.

Apart from donkeys, there are also poker maniacs and poker rocks. Learn how you can beat these three different types of bad poker players.

How do you beat a poker donkey?

A poker donkey is Loose-Passive. Poker donkeys love to play more starting hands than they should. They love calling bets, without the cards to justify the action. They will chase after their flush and straight draws, hoping that the flop will bring them their miracle card.

How do you beat them? When you make a good hand, act relentlessly and keep betting. Get as many chips out of the poker donkeys as you can. You know that they’re going to be calling a lot, even if they haven’t yet made their hands, so you can bet big. Don’t bother trying to bluff, because poker donkeys aren’t going to fold.

You can win big against poker donkeys when you have good hands. Bet them for all they’re worth.

How do you beat a poker maniac?

A poker maniac is Loose-Aggressive. Poker maniacs bet a lot of hands and they bet them aggressively. Yes, it’s possible to win money with this method, but it’s also possible to lose a lot. They are wild players, and you can use this recklessness to your advantage.

In order to beat poker maniacs, you must not be afraid of them. When you have good cards, don’t hesitate to make pre-flop calls. And when your cards connect on the flop, the likelihood is that you have a better hand than the maniacs. You know that they’re betting speculatively, while on your side you have based your bets on good cards.

The pots will be bigger when you play against poker maniacs and you won’t always win. But knowing how these players play will, over time, leave you ahead with more chips.

How do you beat a poker rock?

A poker rock is Tight-Passive. Poker rocks are extremely tight with their bets. These are the kind of players that just sit there and fold, waiting to hit the big hands. This obviously means that they are highly unlikely to bluff, which is why it’s easy to determine how to beat them.

You can beat a poker rock by bluffing or raising to steal the blinds. However, if this type of player responds with a call or a re-raise, he’s probably sitting on a very good hand. You will know when to fold against this player.

In every poker game, ring or tournament, your goal is to finish with the most chips. It can be very profitable to play against bad poker players so make it a part of your game etiquette to make them feel wanted. If you’re playing with them at a live game, encourage them to stay at the table. The rewards can be huge if you know how to play against poker donkeys.

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