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How to Win at Titan Speed Poker

The most exciting poker action at Titan Poker can be found at Speed Poker tables, available for both Texas Hold’em and Omaha players. The mechanics for this fast-paced poker variation is easy to learn, but not every player can do well at the games and win. Here are a few tips on how to outwit your opponents at Speed Poker tables.

Speed fold

In Speed Poker, tight is right. You can immediately fold your bad cards and get whisked away to a new table to face a new set of opponents. Speed fold until you get something good to play.


Since most players in speed poker will fold with all but the best cards, you can increase the value of your average cards by doing the exact opposite. If you don’t fold, your opponents will assume you have an unbeatable hand. Call it a bluff, or just an adjustment to the fast-paced nature of the game.

Bet from the big blind

In the Big Blind position you don’t have the Speed Fold option. But when a player on the button tries to steal the blinds, you can assume that he’s got a low value hand. You’ll find this out if you raise.

Raise to steal

Here’s the same advice from the other side. If you think you can get past the Small and Big Blinds, make a raise. Those players are likely to assume you have a killer hand and fold.

Don’t get involved with marginal hands

If the Speed Poker table is full and you’re not sure about your hand, select the Speed Fold option. If there are empty seats at the table, you just might want to change your strategy.

Allow aggressive players to bet into you when you have monster hands

While it’s impossible to take notes on your opponents due to the speed of Speed Poker, when you come up against an aggressive player, make sure to display patience to draw him into your monster hand. When you win, you want to win big.

Choose your hands wisely

Your opponents will make mistakes, and those mistakes will come at a faster pace than in regular poker. Play your own cards carefully and with patience. Wild moves will result in erratic results.

Play tables you can afford

As with any type of poker, you should only join the cash tables that are suitable to your bankroll. The main difference here is the speed of the game. If you’re on a losing streak, your chips could be depleted in no time. It’s best to try out Speed Poker at the lowest stakes and only move up when you’re comfortable with the pace of the game.

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