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Howard Lederer, Chad Elie, and the Sordid Full Tilt Poker Affair

When Howard Lederer went on his media tour last month he had scheduled three interviews: A video interview with PokerNews.com; an audio interview with the 2+2 PokerCast; and a print interview with poker blogger DiamondFlush. Everything seemed to be going according to plan; with Lederer sitting down for lengthy interviews with PokerNews and the 2+2 PokerCast (Mike Johnson and Adam Schwartz) but when it came time for his interview with DiamondFlush he decided to back-out of the interview, citing stresses on himself and his family.

The DiamondFlush was anticipated to be the hardest-hitting of the bunch (the blogger has been investigating the sordid details of Full Tilt Poker’s Scandal fall from grace since Black Friday, and had well placed informants in the company) and when Lederer decided to call-off the interview it was immediately apparent that DiamondFlush was going to unload on him with everything in her arsenal.

The first salvo was a series of articles pointing out contradictions in Lederer’s interviews with PokerNews and the 2+2 PokerCast, and now more recently DiamondFlush landed a “jailhouse” interview with convicted Black Friday payment processor Chad Elie. The interview with Elie has come under some fire across the poker forums, as many feel DiamondFlush was asking leading questions, and using Elie as a “second source” of sorts, to bring to light some of the information she has been sitting on but couldn’t corroborate.

This isn’t to say DiamondFlush went beyond the truth, merely that the interview with Elie was more of a hatchet-job on Lederer (who deserves it), with whom DiamondFlush has a bit of an axe to grind.

So what information came to light in the interview? Mainly that Howard Lederer was not entirely truthful with his assertions that he had little knowledge of, or input into, the payment processing arm of Full Tilt Poker. But the interview also went into detail on how Elie became the payment processor for Full Tilt Poker; Daniel Tzvetkoff’s involvement; and many of the ins and outs of the payment processing industry as it relates to online poker companies.

A word of warning, the interview is very long, and the actual information on Howard Lederer and Elie’s involvement with Full Tilt Poker doesn’t come in until about halfway through the interview. Here is the link to the entire interview: http://diamondflushpoker.com/2012/11/payment-processor-chad-elie-speaks-out/

All of this comes on the heels of Full Tilt Poker relaunching for players outside of the United States; Howard Lederer’s reemergence in the poker world, playing in high-stakes cash-games as well as tournaments; and of course the news out of the DOJ via the Poker Players Alliance, telling US players that there money will likely be locked-up for another year.

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