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Ireland Wins IFP European Nations Cup: Holden Steps Down as IFP President

This weekend Cyprus played host to the International Federation of Poker (IFP) who was hosting their inaugural European Nations Cup, where 14 nations competed in the IFP’s Match Poker format, where players are dealt the same hand and points are awarded based on how skillfully the participants played instead of the short-term outcomes where the luck of the cards determines the winner.

The top six teams at the European Nations Cup would qualify for the IFP’s Grand Final that will take place later this year. It took 287 hands –played on smart-phones—to declare a winner, and it was the team from Ireland that wound-up coming out on top, barely edging out the team from Russia by a point total of 2017.00 to 2003.50. The entire competition was very close, with less than 200 points separating the first and last place teams. Get the best online review for Titan Poker here.

Oddly enough, the last place team was one of the prohibitive favorites when the teams were first announced, the Netherlands, whose all-star lineup failed to live up to the expectations set for them. A number of big names played in the event (even though some major tournaments were taking place around the world) which shows just how far the IFP has come, and how seriously the legitimizing of poker has become.

Here is a look at the final standings from the IFP European Nations Cup:

  1. Ireland – 2017
  2. Russia – 2003.5
  3. Spain — 1998.5
  4. United Kingdom – 1981.5
  5. Estonia – 1976
  6. Cyprus – 1963.5
  7. Poland – 1959.5
  8. Denmark – 1957.5
  9. France – 1950
  10. Serbia – 1910.5
  11. Bosnia Herzegovina – 1883.5
  12. Lithuania – 1872
  13. Hungary – 1870.5
  14. Netherlands – 1851.5

This is the second event hosted by the IFP; the first came back in 2011 when they hosted the Nations Cup along with their “Final Table” tournament. The Nations Cup of 2011 was won by the team from Germany, which for some reason did not field a team for the European Nations Cup event –the field also included a US team and was open to countries from all over the world. The Final Table saw Spaniard Raul Mestre defeat the UK’s Victoria Coren for the title and the $250k prize that went to the winner.

In other International Federation of Poker news, Anthony Holden, who helped found and lead the IFP since its inception has decided to step-down as the IFP President, but will remain on in an ambassadorial role with the IFP. For more on Holden’s decision you can check out the following link at the official IFP website: http://www.pokerfed.org/news/anthony-holden-steps-down-as-ifp-president/

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