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Irish Winter Festival Day 2 Winners

There were a total of 121 players left in the average round of 49,000 chips during the Irish Winter Festival Day 2. To defend their chips, there were a total of 12 Titan qualifiers and soon filtered down to 6 players for level 11. This game had 600 blinds with 1,200 ante 100. Including to the players were Dennis McCartney of USA, Jack Connolly of UK, Daniele Vagni of Italy, Jozsef Vass of Hungary, Dorlan Schick of Canada and Owen Shiels of UK. All of them played in the board competing for their marvellous poker skills. It was then Jozsef Vass of Hungary who doubled the 40K during the first hand of the day. This leads him to move into all-in with 7 pockets and was paid by AK.

Jack Connoly in the few tables away was eliminated in the game having pocket 8 over the pocket Kings. The same way, Dorlan Schick did not manage to get involved with the few pots. He did not succeed to win them away and slipped down and the end of level 11. Daniele Vagni was really active during the game making a call in the small blind with pocket 10. However, Daniele did not take down the pot at the next level.

In the level 13, Dennis McCartney moved all in for 20K which made his opponent a call. During the game, Jozsef Vass won the minimum amount of 2,200 Euro. There will be 27 players down for the next step with different set of prizes.

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