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Old School Poker Stories are Pretty Interesting

A recent story regarding an association with Amarillo Slim was posted on the SmallTalkDan.com blog –which is written by a longtime poker industry insider—and the story highlights just how different poker was back in the day and how some people rose to prominence during the poker boom while others fell by the wayside.

The gist of the story referenced above –which is pretty long but well worth the read—is that in the earliest days of PokerStars Amarillo Slim was hired to be the face of the site. Now, for those of you who got into poker because of Chris Moneymaker or Rounders you may find the idea of Amarillo Slim being the face of PokerStars patently absurd, but it’s not; not at all actually.

In 2001/2002 Amarillo Slim was probably one of the five best-known poker players and his public image was as high as a lanky cowboy in a Stetson. Think of it this way; Planet Poker, the first online poker room, used Mike Caro as a spokesman and the face of the site. The blog post says it all, while I recognize Steve badger’s name immediately, players from the online generation are probably trying to Google him –his website was playwinningpoker.com for those interested. It was simply a different time and the poker world was a very different place.

While the blog is in regards to a threat made against the author’s life by Armadillo Tim, the real story being relayed is how Amarillo, I mean Armadillo Tim, threw away the chance to be the face of PokerStars because he was simply too lazy and couldn’t be bothered. He expected the site to give him money for doing nothing (which is what they were doing but apparently nothing was even too much for Slim) and out of absolute laziness he tossed away what would have likely turned into millions of dollars. By 2004 he realized how badly he had screwed-up and was now trying to cash-in on PokerStars success retroactively.

Who knows how things would have turned out had Amarillo Slim been the face of PokerStars. The money may have changed Slim (then again maybe not) and he really was incredibly famous and well-liked by the general public back then.

The funny thing is how many of these stories are floating around out there? How many lazy-ass poker players threw away millions in endorsement and sponsorship deals because they simply couldn’t be bothered to play a session once a week online? When I seriously got into poker in the late 1990’s some of the big names were TJ Cloutier, Scotty Nguyen, Johnny Chan, Daniel Negreanu was already making a name for himself, Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, and maybe a dozen other players and writers. But some of these players faded off into oblivion while others racked-up sponsorship deal after sponsorship deal; it makes you wonder how many that faded away did so because they were lazy, or because of some other non-poker-related issue. For the latest promotions on online poker go head on to Promotions Titan Poker to be updated.

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