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PKR Poker Pro in Hot Water after Scamming Backers

One of the top young talents in the game is being called out for some incredibly shady behavior regarding his 2013 World Series of Poker stake. EPT Snowfest winner Vladimir “Beyne” Geshkenbein, a poker pro at PKR Poker, has admitted to blowing through his WSOP stake, some $84,000, and using the money plus subsequent winnings from earlier events at the WSOP to gamble and pay off prior debts according to a thread on 2+2.

Because of his behavior, Geshkenbein found himself felted prior to the Main Event (which was supposed to be included in the stake) and had to appeal to his backers for forgiveness and to absolve him of his agreement. Obviously they wanted to be made whole, so after working out a deal, that included him being staked by another person in the Main Event, he managed to make a deep run in the WSOP Main Event, but has not been heard from since, leaving his original backers out in the cold.

The situation is at times hard to follow, as you’ll have to go though some foreign language poker forums and posts, but fortunately, one of the backers posting as “mo3rtelmu” on 2+2, summed up the situation thusly:

- vlad sold 84k sched on pstrategy for wsop incl main @1.6mu, general package was at v reasonable mus and considered a good deal

-wsop starts well w deepruns/cashes

-~3hs b4 mainevent day 1c, he comes in the thread and admits he degened our money away w cg/sng/paying personal depts

-says he needs to cancel our deal and other backer offers him a 1timedeal which he has to accept to recoup funds for us + otherwise he cant play main

-he goes deeper and deeper, stakers are raging and angry, skype group of victims is founded which produces the aquivalent of 200 doc pages in ~5days

- we reach VG and negotiate for a deal which gives us action in case of FT (his max offer was full package refund if he makes top 27)

-vlad agrees to the deal if all stakers agree and the public bashing stopped, some stakers disagree, vlad says we dont have a deal and he wont negotiate during ME (meaning his original “offer” of 840$/% incase of top 27 and 637$/% (main*mu) counts atm, vlad stops communicating

- he finishes in 62th place

What’s more puzzling is that nobody has brought up the possibility that Geshkenbein may have still had the Main Event stake money and attempted to cancel the backing deal citing a “new” backer as the reason he would then be able to play. Which would allow him to freeroll (actually more than freeroll as he charged a 1.6 markup for the Main Event) the tournament.

For me, the most interesting part of the story is the failure of PKR Poker to distance themselves from Geshkenbein. Instead the site has deleted a corresponding thread in their forum, and has taken no action against the young Russian pro that has basically been the face of the site for the past two years. Unlike other similar situations where accusations have been made, in this case Geshkenbein has admitted to screwing his backers, and it reflects poorly on PKR to pretend there is nothing going on.

As referenced in the 2+2 thread, this is not Beyne’s first brush with trouble in poker. In 2008 he admitted to cheating at the iPoker network in order to win their jackpot Sit & Go promotion (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/54/poker-beats-brags-variance/beat-banned-life-217177/). Check out the list of the top online poker rooms today here.

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