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Poker and Football Passion Combines in Titan Poker

There is newly released news for lovers of poker. The well known poker room online now gives the chance for players to predict the results of the popular European football championship. But it does not just end there. If the player successfully guesses the results correctly, there will prizes to win. In fact, the amount total reaches up to $30,000 in prizes. This just requires for players to predict for about 6-8 results in the football matches. This will start from October 18th to December 7. The good news is that there will be thousands of prizes to be released to the players on regular basis and even reserved prize of $15,000 for those who guess the 8 matches correctly. Do not worry also because there will still be chance to win even if you guess the game incorrectly. See? Everything else is just fun and winning.

There will be betting tokens for the players. Each of these tokens allows the players to be at a different game level in the cash games of titan tournaments. In order to predict and upcoming results of the matches, these tokens are needed. Some of the example for the guessing game will be Arsenal vs. Marseille and Lyon vs. Real Madrid.

If you also wanted to check if you are ahead of your competitions, you can see it through European Football League on the website of Titan Poker. You can see the entitlement of this basing to the overall number of correct predictions you made. Take note also that there will just be one token to earn in one day on a given football match.

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