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PokerStars Software Upgrade Rolls Out This Week

After sending out applications for Alpha-testers for their new software product a couple of weeks ago it appears PokerStars is ready to unveil the first part of their upgraded PokerStars 7 client to a wider audience this week. According to a post on the 2+2 poker forum, PokerStars customers can expect to see a number of minor upgrades, while PokerStars 7 will offer even more upgrades and will deal with one of the most annoying problems in poker: Ratholing.

Before I get into the ratholing and the Alpha 7 part of the software update let’s first take a look at the upgrades that will be part of this week’s software update from the 2+2 post:

Upgrades and Bug Fixes

  • Mac Cocoa API
  • Extra Bet Slider Button
  • We believe we’ve identified and fixed a rare occurrence that sometimes prevented starting SNGs from opening when multi-tabling.
  • Tournaments will now correctly auto-close a table that breaks when the player busts.
  • Changed the ante sound triggers in the beta sound set. This sound will now play less often. We look to enable the new sounds by default in early October, while keeping the option to use the old ones.
  • BOOM! hand replays can now be watched using mobile devices, via boomplayer.com
  • Few more fixes and improvements.

While there is nothing spectacular or revolutionary in this week’s update, it will fix a number of bugs in the software, and should act as a harbinger for PokerStars 7, which will be a more comprehensive, and from the looks of it, far more innovative upgrade to the poker client.

PokerStars 7 Alpha

PokerStars 7 will apparently feature, among other things, the following enhancements:

  • Quick Seat lobby
  • Favorites
  • New Main Lobby filters
  • The new App Bar

Once the Alpha testers are finished with their trial run, and PokerStars can work out any bugs or implement any suggestions they received, a beta-testing phase is expected to take place.

Another key aspect of PokerStars 7 will be the attempted elimination of “Ratholing” at the PokerStars tables. Ratholing is when a player (usually a short-stacker) wins a few pots and then leaves the game, joining another table and begins the process all over again.

According to the post on 2+2:

We are in the final stages of testing the new ratholing restrictions that were agreed upon during player meetings. If we do not find any problems they will be enabled this month.

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