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Reap Rewards in the Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

For poker enthusiasts out there, the Titan Poker is now giving chances that you get the $50,000 prize in their Fort Knox Jackpot Tournaments. Once you win this tournament in a row, you can win the win jackpot prize stated above. This game is a six player tournament. With $50 + $9 sit ‘n’ go, six players have to join together in the table and be able to manage the six tournaments in a game. In the event that you get to win six tournaments, you will receive not only the Fort Knox Jackpot Prize but the regular tournament winnings at the same time.

This Fort Knox Jackpot is progressive and that is the good thing about it. Meaning to say, if no one wins the prize, it will grow bigger each week until someone will claim it. There is also compensation prize included that will be finished either for first or second place in the six consecutive “Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments. In it, they will be entitled for $750 Prize for the player who can finish either first or second place in consecutive rows. Remember also that for these players who win in consecutive first or second place, he or she will have to write down to the support team of Titan Poker for the verification wherein dates and details will be provided. Then, after the consecutive winnings, the jackpot prize will be paid. You can see more of these tournaments under the Jackpot Sit N Go of the Titan Poker software.

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