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Rio – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go Tournament

Rio JackPot Sit n go Titan Poker Tournament is composed of many players competing against each other. In poker tournaments poker players sit in one table to play against each other for the money they may receive when they win the game. When a player is in the poker table, he or she is entitled for the win.

In the event that a poker player is interested in playing the Rio, the table should be composed of six competing players, $20 + $3.50 sit ‘n’ go tournament. The game will not start if there is one player lacking. It is a must that the table should be filled with six players in order for the action to take place.

More than the regular cash prize of the tournament that a player may take home, a player in Rio who wins six consecutive games, and then he or she is entitled to the Rio Jackpot Prize. In case that there is no jackpot prize winner, which happens, the bonus amount will progressively increase weekly. It will continue to increase until there will be a player who will claim it.

As a consolation for all the titan poker players, it is not only the winner take can take home bonus prizes. The player who will finish first or second place in six consecutive games in Rio Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go tournament will also receive a bonus prize amounting to $300.

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