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Sit ‘Win’ Go Leaderboards Dominated by Russian Player

A Russian player named “MAPA3MATu4KA” really aimed to win in the Sit N Go tournaments. And with that aim, he did not just managed to win Sit Win Go Leaderboard race but two. On the medium Sit Win Go Leaderboard, he was able to win for a prize of $200. Then, he won the first place finish with a prize of $300 in the Sit Win Go High leaderboard.

During the month of March, the Sit Win Go leaderboard races even continued and players were ranked based to their final position in the Sit N Go tournaments. Their races run from Monday to Saturday and then they split it into four competitive groups. Their top ranked players will award for $16,000 in total prize money to the top ranked players. The buy-ins will be $10 – $20 to their Sit ‘Win’ Go Medium Leaderboard. This is where they were able to ranked “MAPA3MATu4KA”. During that time, his fellow Russian player named “zaavtahor” was ranked out from his winnings in the previous week.

As the result for the sit n go tournaments, “MAPA3MATu4KA” won the Sit ‘Win’ Go High Leaderboard with buy-ins of $30 and up. You can see the top five places result for that particular leaderboard on the Titan Poker main site. There are also other leaderboard races that were awarded yesterday. Player “amstdam” from the Belarus took the first prize of $100. It was for the Sit Win Go Low Leaderboard result. Then, the Double Up Leaderboard during the second week was awarded with first place of $200.

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