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Sit ‘Win’ Go Races Pick up Speed

In Europe, the largest poker network is the Titan Poker. Although the fact remains that they were only in this business for a short time compared with other online poker sites, they have set a big difference most especially to their satellite tournaments and races. There were major slices of interest of people and there were some who have already benefited through getting their share. Recently, they have just opened a race for players to enjoy playing poker with.

During the Sit ‘Win’ Go Races Pick Up Speed, the winner was the Portuguese player. He even took the first prize of the $100. His registered name was “Foratog27”. As for the medium laederboard, it was a Russian player who took the amount of $200. He was known as “zaavtahor”. Then, the one who managed to grab the High Leaderboard race and won $30 was a Swiss player “DarkSugar”.

Right now, they are in the middle of the Week two completion and more races are still picking up. More and more players are even more encouraged to participate and be a part in the top positions for more chances of winning. For those who will manage to reach the top game will get a total prize of $3,000. During the promotion’s run from December and January, it is the $24,000  amount that is offered for the prize.

For those who are interested to be a part of the game, they can still receive their leaderboard points right up to the finishing positions in every tournaments played.

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