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Study on Poker Deal for Airport Security

Poker is giving a helping hand to develop the security at Pittsburg International Airport.  Making use of the game theory, a batch of scientist will improve a set of algorithms that will determine the organized terror attacks by doing a random check point. They will also use canine units.

This genius idea was formulated by Toumas Sandholm six years ago, he work together with Andrew Gilpin and come up with a study “lossless abstraction algorithm” intended for poker.  As Dr Gilpin stated, “It just seemed like an interesting problem to work on,” …”And at the time, poker was getting really popular and I had just started playing with my friends on my own.”

As Dr.Sandholm continue his studies about the algorithms that are applicable for poker, “Poker had been studied in game theory since the 1950s,” in addition Professor stated, “And I was in search of problems where the best way of playing the game is non-truthful, such as bluffing in poker.”

Well, game theory is a part of applied mathematics that examines the competition. It is also use in different forms, it could be in the economy, computer science and etc.  In response with their studies, the TSA federal security director, Joe Terrell stated, “I’ve tried to get smart about game theory and all this stuff and I got as far as the executive summary and that was enough,”

It’s a great partnership between poker and the international airport in order to secure safety in the place.

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