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Super Tuesday Won by Straight from UK Player

Two players were left standing during the $40,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament. They stood out as the winners after eight hours of play and both of these players represent from the Titan Poker Promotions team. The first one is from the United Kingdom named as “lechuckpoker” and then the other one is “mainstreamer” from Austria. Both of these players were well-matched when it comes to their chips just as the heads-up started. The English player for instance made his way back and the Austrian player went his way for the lead.

The two finalists were also nearly tied the moment that the final hand was dealt. That time, the ante was 1,000 and then the blinds were 5,000/10,000. Player “mainstreamer” have pocket cards of 8 6 when he raised it to 20,000. And then, it was during that time that “lechuckpoker” call with T 9. The flop deal was: 8 6 2. The English player then checked with the bet of 26,125. The Austrian player bet 64,125. That responded for the English player with a raise of 147,200. As the game continued, the English player’s cards were straight. It was only an eight or six that could make the Austrian player save in the game. However as it happens, the river was unhelpful with queen to appear. In the end, “lechuckpoker” won in the tournament with straight held.

The first place cash was $10,100.40. On the other hand, “mainstreamer” reached the second place finish with $7,088. Well, that is not that bad after all as both are coming from the Titan Poker winning players.

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