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The Online Poker World is Changing Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I detailed how the online poker world has changed since the poker boom, and offered up some thoughts and opinions on what online poker players will have to get used to in this “new” phase of online poker. In Part 1 I started off with a couple of things that have already begun to be implemented: Capped stakes and a ban on P2P transfers.

In this installment I’ll take a look at three more things poker players will have to deal with moving forward.

Segregated Markets

In 2005 the entire world was a site’s player-pool, but with a number of countries legalizing and regulating online gaming the worldwide market has been balkanized (a term I first saw used on CalvinAyre.com) with each area offering their own regulations.

It’s unlikely the worldwide market will ever return, since regulating foreign companies is next to impossible, as is collecting tax revenue from them, so online poker players will have to get used to these smaller player-pools.

One major drawback to this will be off-peak-hour traffic, which for smaller markets like Nevada is almost non-existent.

Criminal Penalties

Another change that will most certainly be welcomed by poker players is that we will now be able to hold criminals and cheats responsible for their actions. No longer will the analogy of “It’s like stealing from a drug-dealer” apply to online poker thefts.

The End of the Rakeback Grinder

I for one will be ecstatic when this particular poker player is a thing of the past, the Rakeback Grinder. A Rakeback Grinder is a player who plays extremely tight, so tight that they are at best breaking even, BUT, because of their rakeback deal they are able to grind out a decent profit every month. I have yet to figure out why online poker sites decided to cater to these players: Yes, they are high-volume (high-rake) players, but they are terrible for the long-term poker ecosystem.

These players are probably one of the worst things that have happened to online poker as they tend to sit at 16+ tables and play uber-tight, basically killing action in the game. Now imagine what happens when you have three or four of these players at a single table!

Hopefully, the new US markets decide to implement something along the lines of B&M rewards system, where the rewards themselves cannot be enough to earn a living. I’d really like to see players rewarded by the number of hours they play instead of the number of hands they play. Looking for the latest poker promotions?  Head over to our Promotions Titan Poker page.

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