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Tips on How to Succeed at Titan Poker

Competition at Titan Poker is relatively soft compared to the bigger poker sites. With a solid strategy, you can make your online poker experience truly enjoyable and profitable. Here are a few things to consider when playing at Titan Poker.

Observe Your Opponents Carefully

Poker is a game of incomplete information. You will never be shown what your opponent’s cards are during a hand so you must use educated guesswork to put your opponents on a range of potential hands and make your decision on how to proceed from there. Their betting patterns, previous play, table talk, and body language can give you clues to their hole cards.

Always Play Within Your Bankroll

Playing sensibly allows you to remain part of the game and gives you time to learn the optimal poker strategy you need to win. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Do Not Play Too Tricky

Remember to practice and use your ABC poker game more often than your fancy plays. Fancy plays are good, but it is your solid game that will reap you the most reward at the online poker tables.

Review your Hand Histories

Session reviews allow you to check that hands you won and hands you lost were played correctly. Winning poker is about making the right decisions as often as possible so reviewing and critically analyzing past hands teaches you what you need to gain from each hand. It is a vital part of obtaining relevant and useful experience.

Heed the Pros’ Advice

Players like Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, and Lou Krieger are prominent poker theorists who update their personal blogs regularly. You should check their latest work and pick up as many tips as you can. These blogs posts do not appear in poker magazines so their pearls of wisdom are a secret to much of the poker community.

Watch Before You Check Your Hole Cards

Most players check their hole cards as soon as they are dealt, but you should wait. Watch your opponents check their hole cards as many give a reaction as they look that gives you a clue whether their hand is strong or not. Remember not to react to your own cards when you look at them!

Watch for Players Trying to Fool You

When poker players try too hard to look weak, they may not be giving out the true strength of their hand. Most players try and disguise their actions in order to fool you. Be suspicious if one player suddenly starts shaking their head, saying how unlucky they are, or openly looking glum.

Do Not Get Distracted

The chat box is a temptation to many players. Some players can type fast and draw you into a conversation. Remember to focus on the play. If you get distracted by the chat box, change the tab or disable it. You play to win, not to chat.

Re-Raise with Strong Hands

Especially when out of position, re-raise the raiser with premium hands only. You should always know what you will do if he shoves after you re-raise before you act. Re-raising with very strong hands means in a flip situation you have a good chance of being ahead, presuming your opponent also has a strong hand.

Always Play to Win

If you are playing only to scrape into the money, you are not playing correctly. Aim for the win at all times. You may bust out where you could hold on for a few more dollars but do not worry. When you win a tournament it will be down to risking it all instead of coasting.

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