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Titan Poker – Double Challenge and Its Progressive Jackpot

Double Challenge is one of the hottest events set by Titan Poker tournament these days as it allows player to win $1,000 at the least daily for this event. The main thing people are looking forward to this event is the progressive prize they can get in this event.

Getting a hold of the progressive jackpot is something players can get by winning their two Double Challenges. Other bonus comes in by winning an additional $200 by being able to be on the top 3 players of these two events.

In order to add amounts of money on the progressive jackpot, Titan Poker will hold 50% of $1 registration and add it to the main amount. Typically, the minimum sum of this jackpot will always be $1,000. As of this time, the progressive jackpot is around $1,500 and is really something players must look forward to.

If you want to get a chance for this prize, make sure to look for Special offers tab or section on your Titan Poker download software. Also, make sure to read their website to ensure you’ll know the terms and conditions of the event. This will help you just enjoy the game and free from possible confusion from it.

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