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Titan Poker awards $99,000 in jackpot winnings to player from Italy

Pierpaolo Pica was playing the Maui Sit n Go Progressive Jackpot, just like he had been for a year up to that particular date. There was nothing else special about that particular time or date, but Pica knew that he had to try to win the jackpot once again. He had been going at it for so long and had the dream to win and knew that with Titan Poker as the main place to go, he had a chance. But in order to claim that chance, he really had to go for it.

I thought it was impossible, Pica said after the fact. But it happened!

What happened was that Pica finally managed to nail the Maui jackpot. That was partially expected as Pica had been trying for it for some time now. What was not expected however was that he went on to nail four more jackpots after the fact and ended up striking the Maui Sit n Go Progressive Jackpot five times in a row. Such an amazing feat had such a little chance of actually occurring, but for Pica it happened 100% as he has the cash proof of those five consecutive jackpots in his bank account now.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and for Pica that proof is a check for $99,000. That is the amount of money that he won for hitting those five consecutive jackpots and according to Pica, the experience was a really fantastic one. Even so, he was glad that all of his trying eventually paid off and allowed him to pocket a tidy sum of money.

This is after almost a year of trying Pica said of his success at last. And after a year of trying, Pica finally will be taking home his money because he stuck through it for all that time and decided that he was going to keep playing at Titan Poker until something happened. Pica, who plays under the screen name of muschio71 when he is on Titan Poker, will be taking his $99,000 and having a great time because he chose to play the jackpot that was available at Titan Poker.

Titan Poker has had many jackpot winners over the years that they have offered such cash prizes and many of their winners have been from all over the world. Still, it appears as though the Italians have been particularly lucky as of late, winning thousands of dollars in jackpots and being lucky enough to represent Titan Poker at a number of international events through their prowess in the online poker arena. Even so, Picas $99,000 jackpot dwarfs anything that has been won before by an Italian and for that reason will now be held up as the mark that all future jackpots will be measured against. Titan Poker has set a big mark for itself, but many believe that they can break it given enough time and enough interest from their players.

Pica is definitely interested, attributing his success to a big dose of chance and above all to Titan Pokermany thanks!

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