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Titan Poker cleaning out their coffers for the 2009 Spring Dash

Titan Poker is no stranger to the world of online marketing. Having been in the world of online poker for the better part of a decade now, they understand that in order to make money, you need to be willing to spend money. For that reason, they have built up a history of shelling out money to their customers that is one of the most respectable in the history of online poker. Even by those standards however, what Titan Poker will be doing over the next few months will have many online poker sites whistling with admiration in the big ideas that the online website is going to bring forward.

The event is the Spring Cash Dash and the overall amount of money that will be given out is $550,000. Titan Poker will be shelling that money out in the month of April to their players over a number of different occasions. All players have to do in order to get access to some of this money is to continue playing at cash tables and earn points according to the amount of rake that is taken from each hand. As players accumulate points, they will be ranked relative to other players at Titan Poker based on the amount of points that have been earned. In the end, Titan Poker will award cash prizes to those players that have ranked highly on the points list, eventually handing out $550,000 when all has been said and done.

The first session over which Titan Poker will be handing out money started on April 1st and will end on April 14th. At the end of that period of time, the player that has garnered the largest amount of points will get a cash prize of $12,000. Second prize will receive $9,250 and third prize will receive $8,500. In total, a prize pool of $200,000 will be split amongst the top 200 finishers on the points table, with the minimum prize being handed out equalling $400. Even a person that finishes will down on the leader board will be receiving a prize worth hundreds of dollars and that is certainly something that will make people smile.

While that in and of itself is quite impressive, Titan Poker is going to go even bigger for the second round. The second round will start on April 17th and end on April 30th, with the prize pool having increased to $240,000. This time the first place player will get $15,000, the second place player will get $11,000 and the third place player will receive $10,000, with the smallest cash prize being $425.

Just to add to the festivities, there will be an overall April race as well. The race started on April 1st and will end on April 30th. The overall cash prize pool for that event is $60,000 and will basically award players that are either able to remain close to the top throughout the month or who are able to recover significantly from a bad start at the beginning of the month.

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