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Titan Poker €2,000 Freeroll Winners in July

Titan Poker players who frequent European tables are in for a special treat every month.

Players who generate at least 50 Points at EUR/GBP tables within a month are invited to participate in an exclusive freeroll tournament staged in their favorite currency the following month.

The €2,000 Freeroll that took place last July 6, 2012 attracted 1,179 players. On the final hand, Polish player “incomer84″ was just slightly ahead of Portuguese player “pokeralho3″. The blinds were 250,000 / 500,000 and there was a 62,000 ante. From the small blind, holding an unsuited T 7, “pokeralho3″ raised to 1,000,000. “incomer84″, called with an unsuited 5 8.

The flop was dealt as T 8 2 and both players found themselves with a pair. “incomer84″ checked and “pokeralho3″ bet out 2,124,000 with his tens. The Polish player called.

The turn was dealt and it was a five. This gave “incomer84″ the lead with two pairs, but again he checked. With the ten the high card on the board, “pokeralho3″ went all-in. “incomer84″ made the call and turned over his two pairs. The river was an ace which didn’t change anything.

For his first place finish in the €2,000 Freeroll, “incomer84″ won €344. “pokeralho3″ won €250 for placing second. Players from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, and Ukraine also finished in the money.

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