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Titan Poker Guaranteed Prize Games

Poker games online are now very popular among individuals throughout the world.  One of the most popular online poker sites today is Titan Poker.  Titan poker has established a name when it comes to providing packages while giving out different packages for prominent poker tournaments while setting up unique games that will meet the needs of their members.  One of these games are the guaranteed prize events held starting Friday up to Sunday.

Titan Poker Tournaments has been known in giving out guaranteed prizes but these guaranteed prize events will surely give players large prizes.  The prize amounts are different depending on the game day starting from $35,000 up for Saturdays, $60,000 for Fridays, and $200,000 on Sundays.  Blind increases and stacks also vary depending on the type of game they want to try on.  The good thing about these games, however, is all details are available right on their website starting from requirements up to regulations.

So, if you want to get a hold of these fantastic prizes, make sure to visit Titan Poker Bonus today and be a part of these events.  Check the requirements online like buy-ins to set the right expectations on your end and have an enjoyable poker game.

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