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Titan Poker receives GOM customer service award for 2008

Hot on the heels of one of the most successful years they have ever had, Titan Poker has received the news that they have been awarded the customer service award by Gambling Online Magazine. Since the GOM fan base is one of the largest as far as online poker is concerned, awards handed out by GOM are considered amongst the most prestigious in online poker. Titan Poker has won the 2008 customer service award and they couldn’t be happier.

According to most of the industry insiders, this announcement actually didn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, Titan Poker has been dominating the competition in the customer service area and previous to this announcement they had already established a very nice streak of winning awards in customer service. Amongst those particular accolades were the 2006 and 2007 GOM awards, both of which were almost a foregone conclusion because of the high quality of customer service that Titan Poker had been delivering to their clients day in and day out. The 2008 year was simply a continuation of that trend, which is why the GOM announcement of Titan Poker’s victory did not come as much of a surprise to most people.

How does Titan Poker do it? Well, there are a number of different opinions on that. If you talk to some of the clients of the Titan Poker operation, they will claim that what they like is the promptness of the reply. If you talk to others, the higher accuracy and customer focus are the two most important attributes that made them receptive to polling in favor of the iPoker Network lynchpin website. If you talk to still others, it is the choice of customer service avenues that really appeals to them. And of course, the high level of excellence displayed within the live chat customer service feature that can be accessed from inside the software also earned Titan Poker a lot of points towards the eventual award that they ended up winning.

Now that Titan Poker has won the customer service accolade three years in a row, speculation has started to arise about whether they can do it for four years straight. The Titan Poker method is well known enough now that many of the other sites are starting to replicate the Titan Poker customer service model and it is quite possible that over the course of 2009, another online poker site might end up doing it better than Titan Poker. As the old sports saying goes however, you never bet on a rookie against a veteran and for that reason hopes are high on the part of many that Titan Poker will be able to win the award once again when 2009 comes to a close.

2008 in general was a very good year for Titan Poker, with the iPoker Network registering a large amount of growth and rocketing to the top of the player rankings for networks that do not allow US players to play. That is no small achievement, to say the least.

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