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Titan Poker Software Updates

Titan Poker is constantly improving its gaming software in order to provide players with a much better online poker experience. Based on player feedback, upgrades and new features are added by Titan developers to the Titan Poker engine to create the best possible poker environment. This year, a plethora of enhancements were made on the free Titan Poker software.

Multi-Table Settings

Several new features were added to the Titan Poker software in order to improve multi-table play.

Players now have the option to keep a table that requires action on top of other tables and/or other computer applications.

A check box has been provided for players who want to wait for the big blind. Tick this box, and the software will alert you when it is your turn to enter the game.

Players also have the option to choose to sit out next big blind, sit out or sit back in on all cash tables, sit out or sit back in on all tournaments, set focus on bet amount, and keep focus on chat and notes.

Timeout Alerts

Players can choose whether they want to have sound/table frame color alerts when they are almost out of time to act.

Tokens Notification

A small token icon is placed next to tournaments that allow players to register by using a token. The icon is displayed only to players who have enough tokens available in their account.

One Step Registration in Tournaments

When registering to real money tournaments that have only one buy-in method, players are registered in one step. If more than one method is available, players can choose the buy-in method they want to use.

New Lobby Settings Menu

The Titan Poker Lobby Options menu is replaced with a Settings pop-up window. From the Settings window players can switch between the settings groups, set one or more options and apply all of them with one click of the Apply button.

Improved Filters

Many new options have been added to the filters this year. The most noticeable is the option to save different filters. New filters are available for Ring Games, Tournaments and Sit ‘N’ Go.

Speed Hold’em for Cash Tables

Speed Hold’em Poker is now available at select Texas Hold’em cash games. The action is fast-paced at all times by significantly reducing the wait time between hands.

In Speed Hold’em Poker, you join a large pool of players and face different opponents at every hand. You can fold your hand at any time by clicking a Speed Fold button. After folding you are immediately taken to a different table where you are dealt a new hand.

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