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Titan Poker’s Step Tournaments

Since its introduction in the year 2005, Titan Poker Bonus has become one of the most online games. There are different active players playing quality of poker games selection. Their poker rooms are made to surely please everyone who will play, hence a lot of poker players are yet to join. For novices, you need not to worry as there are step tournaments for your level of skills.

The goal here is to conquer the 7th Step so you can win the top price.

One can jump in and begin at Step 1 which will amount for less than a dollar. You can work your way up the ladder so that you can win a token for about $200,000 Guaranteed tournament. However, players can also proceed to different level through buy-ins. There is no longer the need to begin at the bottom. This structure of the tournament gives every player the chance to work their way up from Step 1 to 7. There are various tokens to allow you for a tournament advance stages. You can win a seat also at the same level of lower level.

Step 1 tournament amounts to $0.16 that allows you to step up for the final step. This is a 10 man Sit N Go online poker game for every step. The moment these 10 players have registered for the game, you can already begin climbing up your winning game. So start downloading the software so you could create your account for the first free rolls. You will be surprised just how the game can be anything that you ever imagined.

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