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Top 10 Texas Hold’em Tips from Titan Poker

Poker is more a game of skill than of chance. And for first timers, tips on how to play Texas Hold’em can be valuable once they hit the tables.

While each poker professional seems to have his own personal playing style, there are general strategies that can help you improve your Texas Hold’em game. This is a list for beginners, so consider it a starting point for your poker endeavors.

Don’t Play Every Hand

As a beginner you will probably be eager to play as many hands as possible, but you’ll end up losing your stack very quickly. Make sure to know the best starting hands and take your time deciding what hand to play. Folding is not a sign of inexperience.

Don’t Stay in a Hand Just Because You’re in It

You can’t win a pot just by throwing money in it, and if you have a losing hand, getting out will end up saving you money. Just because you’ve already placed a bet doesn’t mean that you’re permanently committed to a hand. Fold if you can’t win.

Observe Your Opponents

Even when you’re not involved in a hand you should carefully watch your opponents. Their actions, tells and gameplay will serve as a valuable teacher. Even as a new player you’ll be able to pick up the signs when your opponents are bluffing, or when they really hold the winning hand.

Don’t Play Above Your Limits

You’re not going to get rich in your first game of poker, but you can definitely go poor. Only join tables which your bankroll can afford, and only take to the table an amount of cash that will not break you. As a beginning player, you have to know not only what the table limits are, but what your financial limitations are as well.

Know When to Call It a Night

You shouldn’t play poker when you’re drunk or in a bad mood. Sometimes the best decision you can ever make is to know when to stop playing. If you’re on a winning streak, you can stop while you’re ahead, and if things are going badly, you should just stop.

Start at a Single Table

You may be envious of online poker players who are capable of turning a profit while multi-tabling all over their computer screens, but as a beginner, it’s best to start at a single table. Join a table at low stakes and build up your confidence. You can always add a second table at a later stage.

Muck, Don’t Show

Playing online poker gives you an option to muck your cards and you should take advantage of this. There’s no need to show your cards when you win or lose a hand. It doesn’t really improve things for you; instead it will open a door to your opponents and that will leave you at a disadvantage.

Bluff to a Minimum

Yes, bluffing is a major part of the game of poker, but as a beginner you don’t have the track record to be a good bluffer. You should concentrate instead on making the best and most appropriate bets with your cards, and from there you need to work on reading your opponents and learning how they act. Bluffing is a skill you should plan to employ at a later stage.

Learn the Importance of Position

You need to realize that your position with regards to the blinds is a key factor in winning the hand, and you should make your bets accordingly. Make sure you understand the strength of your opponents’ hands if they act in front of you. In some cases, having excellent position is more important than having excellent cards. Take advantage of your position when you can.

Take Advantage of Weak Opponents

As you play you will quickly learn which of the players at your table is experienced or weak. Take this into consideration when placing your bets as the weakness of your opponents will give additional strength to your hands.

This is only a summary of the best poker tips. For more advice on how to play Texas Hold’em, check out the complete list of poker tips at http://www.titanpoker.com/games/texas-holdem/poker-tips.html.

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