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UK Player wins $10,100 at Titan Poker Super Tuesday

After eight hours of play at the Titan Poker $40,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament, two players were left standing – British “lechuckpoker” and Austrian “mainstreamer”. Both were well-matched in terms of chips just as the heads-up started, with lechuckpoker playing his way back and mainstreamer surging for the lead.

The two finalists were also nearly tied the moment that the final hand was dealt, when the ante was 1,000 and the blinds were $5,000/$10,000. Player mainstreamer had pocket cards of 8, 6 when he raised to $20,000, while lechuckpoker called with T, 9. The flop deal was: 8, 6, 2. The English player then checked with a bet of $26,125 and the Austrian player bet $64,125. Lechuckpoker responded with a raise of $147,200.

As the game continued, lechuckpoker managed to get a straight, leaving mainstreamer to hope for an eight or a six to win. Unfortunately the river showed a Queen, allowing lechuckpoker to run away with first prize which amounted to $10,100.40. For placing second in the tourney, mainstreamer walked off $7,088 richer.

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