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Understanding the Titan Poker Double

Understanding the Titan Poker Double seems to be something that comes easy to many people, but harder to others. A lot of people that would consider just walking by the Double without giving it a second glance don’t know what they’re missing. There are certainly many great ways to consider strategy to take advantage of the Titan Poker Double. Many of those points of strategy will be ones that could make today one of the most lucrative ones that you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Here’s basically how the Titan Poker Double works. You are required to register for two tournaments, each of which start within five minutes of each other. They are both $5 + $1 scheduled tournaments and they will both essentially run simultaneously to each other. If you are able to make it to the final table of both tournaments, you win a particular prize. If you are able to win both tournaments, you win an even bigger prize.


If you happen to get to the final table of both tournaments, you will win your share of 50% of the promotional jackpot split amongst the number of players that were able to accomplish that feat. If you are the only one that did it, naturally you will end up winning the entire prize pool.

The prize pool is made up of registration fee cash. $0.50 from each $1 of registration Titan Poker gets is relegated to this prize pool which is then expanded each day even more if funds from the previous day were not used. For this reason, it is possible for cash to add up very quickly indeed.

The prize gets even bigger if you win both of the tournaments. If you do that, you get the entire jackpot as a scoop. It is one of the best prizes that you can get in poker because it means you essentially get all the marbles.

Another point to keep in mind about this jackpot is that it does not replace prize money. Remember that the jackpot comes from the $1 of registration fee and therefore leaves the $5 of your buy-in alone. That means that even if you don’t win the Titan Poker Double, you have a shot at winning your normal prizes in both of those tournaments and still making a profit on the tournament experience. For players that make more than their fair share of final tables, this is a great tournament in which to participate.

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